Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Time For Some Changes

No, its not the big change we need. Coach clueless is safe, because the Stealth GM is safe. You see they are an entry, just like a horse race. The Stealth GM is 13A and coach clueless is 13B. Right now if I have to give odds I would say they are 500-1 to be successful. So its the lineup that needs changes and needs them fast. Barring a blockbuster trade or finally signing Sundin this mediocre offensively challenged outfit needs a change. Of course change is the operative word these days. It was the big word in the past election. Now we see who is in charge and we see there is no change.The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The first step is to put together a number one line that is a blockbuster unit. Scotty Gomez is the best center and the team's most effective passer. He should be centering the two best offensive forwards. Right now that is Zherdev and Naslund. This should be a free wheeling trio with strong firepower. Chris Drury should be centering Ryan Callahan and Nigel Dawes. Yes, the same Dawes who is spending too much time on the bench because of some supposed defense deficiency. According to clueless, everyone on this team has a defensive deficiency.

Brandon Dubinsky should be the third line center with Lauri Korpikoski and Petr Prucha on the wings. Yes, Prucha should be freed from exile. This ten game suspension is ridiculous. Also he should be given more than a three or four game test. Here was a hot shot rookie scorer who has been turned into a bench warmer. The fourth line should be put together from the rest of the pack. Betts, Sjostrom, Voros, Orr and Fritsche. It doesn't matter. Except for some slight advantages like Orr's fighting skill or Voros creating problems in front of the net, the five are basically indistinguishable.

The power play should also be revamped. Only three defensemen should get any power play time. Girardi, Mara and Staal. Zherdev and Drury should be used at the point. There is no weakness there for giveaways at the point. Remember we have given up seven shorthanded goals and a defenseman has been at the point all seven times. Thought should be given to bringing up Brian Fahey and/or Corey Potter. And BTW what is the status of Bobby Sanguinetti? Is this going to be another Jim Schoenfeld not ready for primetime project? These are my thoughts. I know the Stealth's and coach clueless's thoughts. What are yours?

Will this happen? Of course not. Should it happen? Of course it should. Something has to happen and soon, otherwise it would be a continuing .500 season, a sixth or seventh place seed and a first round elimination. Now that might get the Absentee Owners attention. One round. Less revenue.

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  • blow-me-down said...

    I would like to see Sundin as a Ranger. Pretty good team as it is I think, and I really like the players, but management has to clear some space and get a scoring forward who is big and plays that way.
    And it's not yet close enough to Christmas to ask for this (perhaps it is blasphemous to ask the Lord to do something that a coach should be capable of), but fix the powerplay. But I'm pretty sure that's what I will still be asking for on December 24th.
    And Mike, I really expected a 7th dman to be up by now, so I'm in agreement on that. Not sure why it hasn't happened. Oh wait, now that I think about it, I do know why. It's because it's still early (only a third of the way in to the season, doncha know), and the coach is not quite quite sure about things yet. Give him some time.

  • SINYMETS said...

    Excellent post as the first thing the team needs besides a change behind the bench from clueless Tom is bona fide goal scorer and Matts Sundin is all but standing on 33rd and 7th with a sign saying "Pick Me Please" I like your idea on the PP as a shake up was needed about a month ago and to add to Clueless Tom maybe if he left the lines in place for 10 gms or so there would be some continuity that is sorely missing

  • david said...

    excellent, as always
    I believe you're right with your line-up, and hopefully the big C reads the blog and takes his clue......

  • jb said...

    All good suggestions, Mike. But, I think things will stay pretty much as they are until the team has a bad losing streak.

    If the team starts sliding down the standings toward the edge of the playoff bubble that is the only thing that will get Renney's attention. Otherwise he'll be in "tweak mode" has he fine tunes his defensive juggernaut.

    Losing 4 or 5 of the next 6 games might be the the dose of medicine that Renney needs to implement something big like you're suggesting.

    A losing streak combined with a 2 goals or less per game output should also seal the deal on signing someone like Sundin .

    So it's come to the point where the team might have to take one-step backwards in order to take two big steps forward. The next 10 days and 6 games will be very interesting.

  • james said...

    hey guys, check out this article

  • blow-me-down said...

    james, Avery is something else. I can't figure him out like many others, which suits him to a T I'm sure. Due to subversive streak, I do actaully appreciate a tight-rope walker like him. He did some pretty good things on the ice for the Rangers, that's all I know. I'll never be convinced he was a cancerous influence, and I'll never be convinced he wasn't a cancerous influence. Life is full of incongruencies, but I kind of like conundrums.

    Prucha just scored. Whatever happens from here on, I will still be mostly happy. It was great seeing it, just like the last 1.5 years of being ignored never happened. Love ya Petr!

    like disturbers who actually have integrity

  • blow-me-down said...

    please forgive the dangling trailer, the lost last line in my previous message, I get lost in my editing.

    So, once again we see this fantastic Rangers team. I really enjoyed watching this game, though I missed the first period. Oh well, can only talk about what I saw. Prucha (and many others) played great.

    Let's see what The Professor does in future with Petr. He may, possibly, try to send him to Hartford tomorrow. Aaah, that's just mean, sorry.