Thursday, December 18, 2008

Valley Of The Rozies

Southern California is the home of the famous Rose Bowl. The Rangers supplied their own roses last night in the form of the tandem of Steve Valiquette and Michal Rozsival. Valley played another strong game in his back up roll as the Rangers went 5-1-1 in the second game of back-to-back games. They are 6-1-0 in the first game. Rozsival scored on a penalty shot that was a an early Christmas gift from referee Bill McCreary. Sean O'Donnell had thrown his broken stick toward Rozsival but there was a delay in calling the penalty. Anyway, to these old eyes it looked like a marginal call. I would be screaming if they called it against the Rangers. Anyhow, the Rangers sent out Naslund to take the shot, but the rules say the offended player must take it. So Rozsival took it and scored on a beautiful backhand thus elevating him on the list for the shootout. Rozsival then scored the winner in OT on a blast from Drury and Staal. It broke a string of five unassisted goals scored by the Rangers.

Despite Rozsival's heroics the star of the night was Steve Valiquette who made 39 saves, and wouldn't you know it the LA sports media did not even list him as one of the stars of the game. Rozsival as number two was sandwiched between two Kings players. This star of the game is turning into nothing more than a popularity contest to please the local crowd. The Ranger writers do the same thing. The whole system stinks. Fortunately there is nothing of significance involved here. Anyway, another outstanding performance by the Valley man.

The Rangers are now 10-5-1 on the road and 12-6-1 at home. Rozsival seems to be better on the road than at home. No boo birds. However, he is less tentative on the road. The mistakes are still there but offensively he seems to get more involved. He does have a good shot, but is reluctant to pull the trigger. Maybe this will change him. Maybe.

Now on to San Jose where the number one team in the NHL awaits us. What will it be? I'm looking forward to this test to see if we are ready for prime time. Is this winning streak, three games, for real? Is this the pre-Sundin streak where everyone is digging down deep wondering if they will be around when and if Sundin shows up? Will Sundin show up? For the answers to these and other earth shaking facts stay tuned to your Pundit. "As The World Turns."

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  • Section 335 said...

    I am burying this little piece of information back here - but I hope the Ranger Management takes a look. I do not know Dmitri Kalinin, but I have not been able to figure out why he looks confused on the ice. After all, the man has talent enough to have been picked in the first round and play for Ruff for years.

    I think I may have figured it out. I am concerned that Kalinin has a drinking problem. Do not get me wrong I do not know this, but I will tell you why I think it. Kalinin is -16 in 35 games. However, he is -9 in 9 Saturday night games and only -7 in the other 24 games.

    Back in 2003, when we now are told that Sandis Ozolinsh was drinking, he was negative a goal a game on Friday and Saturday nights, but okay on other nights.

    I am not accusing anyone. However, it would not hurt for the team to look.

  • Section 335 said...

    Actually -7 in the other 26.

  • RangerFan94 said...

    Wow, nice stat. Not sure if it is true, but interesting.

    Alas, Sundin wont be coming to sacred New York, but going out to the Nucks for some big bucks. He could of really helped this Rangers team out...oh well. Now who do we look to sign for leadership? Shanny? I feel bad for the guy. He left his door open and open and even open some more for the Rangers to sign him, but still they haven't. Maybe they still had hopes to sign Sundin and that's why they waited. If so we Ranger fans can only hope so. And again hope that he is soon signed and suited up in the Ranger blue.

  • jb said...

    Extremely interesting insight into Kalinin. You can never say never, but the performance comparison to Ozo is very disturbing.

    Sather has no flexibility, no room, and no brain for overpaying for Redden and Roszie, and probably also for Drury and Gomez. He was bidding against himself.