Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eighth Place

If the Stealth GM has any aces up his sleeves or any surprises for the remainder of the season, I believe now is the time to spring them. That is if he is awake or alive? Stop the Sean Avery Hartford experiment and bring him up now, ready or not. The Rangers are not free falling, they are crashing. They lost their eighth straight road game last night and are three points away from ninth place Carolina and four points ahead of tenth place Pittsburgh. While the Rangers are crashing those two teams are charging.

While the position in the standings is awful the play of the team is horrendous. The team is lifeless and a reflection of their coach. When I suggested that the entire team with the exception of three players be put on waivers, I was serious. Now is the time for some drastic action. Now is the time for some bold trades. The Rangers need a scorer, a bruiser up front and a hard hitting no nonsense defenseman. Most of all they need a leader, on and off the ice. They do not have an on ice leader and they most certainly do not have one behind the bench.

Tonight we will honor my all time favorite Ranger, Andy Bathgate. Forty five years ago, today, we traded Andy to Toronto for a collection of uniforms. Andy finally won his Stanley Cup with the Leafs. We will also honor Harry Howell, a Norris Trophy winner who toiled seventeen years for the Rangers. So number 9 and number 3 will go the rafters finally and well deserved.

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  • blow-me-down said...

    Andy Bathgate and Harry Howell are just the coolest guys. I bet they were really hoping for the team to win tonight, not just because of their ceremony. And I really thought NYR would do it.

    I still don't think Tom Renney is going anywhere except back and forth to the rink until the end of the road this season, which is looking like not making it to the playoffs. After that, I suppose it is possible that things will change.

    And, for those who are counting on Avery coming in and giving the team a jolt, I have a feeling another team is going to take a chance on him first on re-entry.

    What I really liked was that the Word Verication graphic I had to sumbit for this message was 'paniclog'.

  • Anonymous said...

    Ranger Pundit is under the Weather, hockey fans!

    Following last night's Toronto game, the Pundit checked himself into a Long Island hospital, complaining of shortness of breath. But he is in good spirits (especially after "having words" with the Stealth GM in the elevator! More on that from the Pundit himself). He looks forward to sharing his thoughts on his Sather discussion, the Bathpage/Howell evening, and another stellar performance by our heroes. The Pundit's family requests that in lieu of get-well-messages, all prayers be concentrated on our power play!

  • SEction 335 said...


    I understand just how a game like last night makes you feel. I hope that you are better soon - and that you gave Slats a piece of your mind.

    Section 335

  • Section 335 said...

    I hate to say I told you so.