Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Now Is It Time To Leave?

The Rangers were shutout again by another backup goalie, Scott Clemmensen, who made all of 27 saves in posting his first shutout since 2004, a span of 57 games. The opening and winning goal was scored by Bobby Holik off of a pass by Brendan Shanahan. Names sound familiar? Both were Rangers at one time. Holik was deemed a locker room distraction and Shanahan was deemed too old and slow for this upbeat tempo team that I believe ranks 25th in scoring in the NHL.

Once Holik scored the game was effectively over. Not only can't the Rangers score, five goals in five games, they don't know how to score. Their power play, 0-5, also ranks near the bottom of the league. They have been trained not to score. So they don't. They have been trained not to make mistakes, but they do. They have been trained to play defense first, at all costs, and they do this to ad nauseam. Isn't it past time to remove the architect of this failed strategy? Isn't it past time to remove the noose that has strangled this offense?

It is also time for the the Stealth GM to step down. Fire coach clueless and then resign. If clueless is the architect of the failed system the Stealth is the architect of this failed team. He jettisoned Jagr, Shanahan and Avery all strong players and all strong locker room personalities to please a coach who demanded a sanitized locker room. The Stealth then went out and overspent on three marginal defensemen, Redden, Kalinin and Rozsival, who have not performed to expectations. Redden is a continued embarrassment with his soft, careless play, but this was known by people in Ottawa so how come our genius GM did not know that.

The Stealth has assembled one of the softest teams ever to don Ranger Blue and opposing forwards relish the thought of entering the Ranger zone. This is all well known. Listening to the commentators on Versus last night they constantly cited the Rangers being out hustled and out toughed by the Devils. Sure there were exceptions. Orr sending Rupp to the locker room with one punch and newly acquired Erik Reitz squaring off with David Clarkson. But how much ice time does Orr actually get and Reitz will sit once Kalinin gets ready to return. Does Redden ever sit? The only one who sits is Petr Prucha, who at one time had excellent offensive skills. Before he leaves, I would like coach clueless to explain why Prucha sits and Voros plays.

It should be interesting tomorrow night at the Garden against the Caps. The way the Caps hit and score it could get ugly. For the first time this year coach clueless may hear the wrath of the Garden crowd. I think I might make it tomorrow night. It could be historic or it could be hysteric. What do you think?

ICINGS update:

The Grate One is now in Hartford. Parents lock up your daughters and hockey fans stay tuned to your blogs. The circus is coming back to town.

AHL's Wolf Pack bite on Avery --

Sean Avery is set to resume his playing career after the Dallas Stars assigned the winger to the Hartford Wolfpack of the American Hockey League.

"I would like to thank Glen Sather and the Rangers organization for giving me the chance to resume my hockey career by affording me this opportunity with the Hartford Wolf Pack," Sean Avery said in a statement. "I am looking forward to getting back on the ice, working my way back to the NHL and playing the game I love. While I appreciate the many interview requests, at this point in time, I would like to focus on hockey and will not be making any further statements while with the Wolf Pack." ...
2nd update:

NY Post:
Avery, who left the Rangers to sign with Dallas after last season ended in the second round of the playoffs, skated with the Wolfpack for 70 minutes today at the team's practice facility in Cromwell, Conn. He wore a red practice jersey and a helmet with his customary No. 16 on it.

"I felt good, it's great to be back," Avery told The Post. "My lungs and legs are not as good as my head. But I'll take a clear head any day. It was good to skate, it's great to be back on the ice, great to be back with the guys. It's refreshing. It feels a little bit like I'm back in juniors."
NY Post: Sean Avery worked out with the Rangers' AHL affiliate, the Hartford Wolfpack, Tuesday, Feb 10th

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  • 5-hole.com said...

    There was at least one "Fire Renney." chant and one "Fire Sather." chant at the game against the Thrashers. I bet it will be a lot stronger this time.

  • Section 335 said...

    If you are very depressed about this team and last night, this will cheer you up.


  • The Dark Ranger said...

    I cannot wait for tomorrow's MSG experience -- all guns loaded, there will be no middle ground on the inevitable results -- major victory or major defeat. You are right, Pundit, the wrath of the Garden faithful -- that will be an experience in itself.

    In some sick way -- and being the fan -- I want another horrible outcome, as 5 or 6 big losses may be the only hope for the future of the franchise or, as you say, the dismissal of those responsible.


  • Section 335 said...

    There will be a horrible experience. I feel it. The team has given up on Renney. So have I. I only wonder what took them so long.

  • blueknight5754 said...


    I have always said that this team is going NOWHERE..I told you that this team is a shadow of its 93 94 95 team! The real blame is DOLAN! That man is too busy playing in his band to run either the knick$ or the ranger$! Did we learn anything from the early 2000-2004 teams that MONEY$$ doesnt buy titles and he spent money on players that come here get comfy and play like crap! Should I go though the list of names?? Lindros, bure, flury, lafontaine, holik and the list goes on! The team in 94 had a structure of leetch richter kovalev built with parts from a DRAFT! Then you go out and get the one or two pieces that complete a champ team! Dolan has just thrown money at a problem then go out on a bar tour with his $$rich$$ band and like alfred e newman he says "WHAT ME WORRY?" I just wonder when the rest of the fans get the picture and STOP GOING TO THE GARDEN!! STOP BUYING THE JERSEYS!! Do what it takes to get the point that like prez Obama WE NEED REAL CHANGE!!

    Thanks for letting me vent as always!


    James bx ny

  • jb said...

    Hugh game against the Caps. It will be either the official lighting of Renney's funeral pyre, or if they squeak out a win then it's just a team whistling past the graveyard.

    TDR, wishing for "another horrible outcome" is the sad position we've put into if want change. Bitter, but sweet if they lose big, and Renney gets the boot.

    I think if Rennney is removed the team as constituted will still struggle under any coach. How can a coach turn off the 'sanitized softie' switch this team flipped?

  • Section 335 said...

    Ted Nolan and Pat Quinn could change this team quickly.

  • mike said...

    It is obvious that tomorrow nights game will be a water shed event but the worst case is that it will delay the inevitable, that is the firing of coach clueless.

    However, should Sather or Schoenfield take over the rest of the year there will be no change and no playoffs.

    We need a blockbuster for a coach. A Tortorella or a Nolan to have an impact. Only then will butts get kicked, heads roll and The Stealth GM become uncomfortable.

    Thanks for the comments. Hang in there.

  • Anonymous said...

    since when does avery wear a shield?

  • jb said...

    Say it ain't so - a new softer Avery?

  • Section 335 said...

    It ain't so.

    Avery is very smart. He knows this is his only way back. He will take it all out on the ice.

    In fact, he is so smart that for all we know, he even planned coming back at half price! (okay, kidding here)

  • Section 335 said...

    The best laugh I have had all year.