Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ranger Pundit (Currently on Injured Reserve) Files A Report

The Pundit's #1 Son provided a recap of what is going on with Mike while he recuperates. It starts with what happened on Sunday, February 22nd, 2009 after the 3-2 overtime loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs at MSG...

This coming in from the Ranger Pundit, dictated via secure phone line not owned by Cablevision Systems!

The Pundit is currently recuperating from a minor procedure, but is well enough to phone in some comments, some quick hits, if you will:

1. The Sather encounter.
Toronto game ends and Pundit is walking down the hallway from his skybox (courtesy of #2 son) and low and behold, here comes the Stealth GM. #2 son says: "When are you going to fix this problem?" Staying true to form, Stealth just ignored the comment and kept walking.

Pundit jumps over the boards and onto the ice to join the melee. "You should fire everybody on this team, and start with yourself!" To that, Stealth kept walking and with his head turned just a bit, and grumbled "Kiss my Ass" The Pundit calmly retorted, "Go back to Edmonton. You don't belong here!"

The Pundit's take on the classless comment: "When he insulted me, he insulted loyal, dedicated Ranger fans who have suffered through decades and will still be rooting for the Blueshirts long after the 'commuter GM' is back out west."

2. Coaching change: "It's what I've been calling on for the past 2 years. Renney's clueless, and is not the kind of coach to bring us to the next level."

On Tortorella: "Tough, fiery coach who has his work cut out for him. He must install confidence in the team, he must install an offense and must fix the power play. Questionable whether his stay will be very long as his personality and the Stealth's are in exact opposite. Remember Keenan-Smith? Tortorella is a doer, the Stealth is a talker (when he actually shows up to answer a question)."

3. On Toronto Game: "The old song, 'What can I say after I say I'm sorry' comes to mind. This should be sung by the whole team after their pathetic performance against a team that has given up the most goals in the NHL. And has the worst goals against average in the league."

Clueless is now gone and following an old Italian phrase "not to speak ill of the dead" but please tell me what was Betts doing on the ice during overtime? Isn't the idea to get 2 points?!

4. On Bathgate/Howell ceremony: "I wore my #9 Bathgate jersey (my favorite all-time player). The ceremony started out a bit embarrassing with a half-empty MSG. But those in their seats soon got into it and responded well to the old-time Ranger players and opponents (what happened to Boston's representation as part of the Original 6?). It was great to honor these legendary Hall of Famers, and as we look back over the history, we see other great names like Lester Patrick, Frankie Boucher, Bill and Bun Cook, Brad Park, Chuck Rayner and Bones Raleigh. However, does this mean that we will have an endless procession of banners? I think the next banner we should hang up should be a Stanley Cup banner, just like Stealth said he could do every year if he had the Rangers payroll. That was 9 years ago! So far, 0-9 Stealth!"

5. On the Pundit's return: I hope to return by the weekend. Thanks to all for your kind thoughts, words of support and prayers ... for the power play! And thanks to JB for stepping in and keeping the Ranger Pundit on the airwaves!

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  • jb said...

    Is it a coincidence that Glen 'Stealthy' Sather fired Tom Renney within 12 hours of getting called out by Mike?

  • jb said...

    I want to add that Glen Sather's over the shoulder, grumbled "Kiss My A**" is his standard reply for everyone, Pundits, fans, and kids.

    Checkout this June 2007 video of his encounter with young Kayvon Zahedi in Toronto, Canada.

  • Section 335 said...

    Seriously, no one has the right to speak the way that Sather speaks to anyone - let alone Mike. His behavior should not be tolerated. While he has not done anything in this City to warrant respect, it would not matter if he did.

    Perhaps he does not talk to the press because he has turrets?

    Mike - good to hear from you.

  • jb said...

    That's a very interesting theory about Sather possibly having Turrets syndrome.

    I knew someone with it. They would occasionally just shout out a curse word out of the blue.

    But the fact that Michael Kay said yesterday on ESPN radio that Sather frequently gives interviews to Canadian radio stations seems to imply he's willing to talk hockey. Just not with anyone in New York. That demonstrates a lack of respect for the people and the fans who support the Rangers.

    Mike is right that the Stealth will scoot right back to Canada as soon as he's finished here - a true 'rental GM' who could give a damn about what New Yorkers think.

  • kranepool said...

    Glad you are on the mend Mike, and you're right that was Slats talking to all Ranger fans and Dim Wit Dolan keeps him around we need to unfurl a banner from the Blue Seats like in the late 70's when POTVIN SUCKS was flowing with HEY SLATS KISS OUR A$$

  • Section 335 said...

    How about "Sather Sucks."

    It has a familiar ring to it (Potvin and Sather take the same amount to time to say), and we can whistle first!

  • blow-me-down said...

    Sather will talk to Canadian radio because he likes a safe interview. People still associate him with the dynasty, and he gets to be this mythical guy and he gets his ego stroked.
    As Bob McKenzie pointed out so well tonight, some truly horrendous drafting leads to these panicky big contracts.
    I'll throw something out here that may not go over all that well, but how come he didn't draft good Canadian players in his earlier years? Does anyone think the pick of Jessiman was political, i.e. local boy over actual talent?

    I actually think that is exactly what the Jessiman pick was.
    that's been bugging me for a long time.

    Talk amongst yourselves. Nice to hear from you Mike. Powerplay prayers were answered, somewhat, wouldn't you say?
    It's going to be interesting. I liked the energy tonight, this team is going to improve.

  • Graying Mantis said...

    Your encounter with Sather is eerily similar to one from last month that happened with some section mates. Sather was walking through the corridors at MSG and my friend wanted to say hello, etc and Sather just brusquely kept moving without acknowledging him or even just waving. Son starts to chant "Fire Sather" and everyone picks up on it; the two guys walking with Sather starting chuckling.