Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sean of the Dead?

Sean of the Dead: Will Sean Avery Rot in minors?I'll post this rumor from Fauxrumors for Mike's benefit. He's still in the hospital and expects to be released tomorrow. He likes Torts, but the lineup 'pig' needs something more than lipstick.

However, it's now possible that his boy, Sean Avery, might not be coming back to Broadway anytime soon. Instead 'The Grate One' may be locked down in Hartford purgatory. Financial logic may trump all else.

Sean To "Rot" in the Minors? --

1) Despite the media generated rumors to the contrary, we have learned at FAUXRUMORS that its MORE likely than not that Sean Avery will play out the season in the AHL. Of course we had to ask, why? Our sources tell us that there are several reasons, but the most likely is the salary cap in Dallas. They went on to explain how its actually disadvantageous for the Stars to bring back Sean on 're-entry waivers' this season...

What is certain is that its not a done deal that Avery will be wearing a Ranger jersey this season.

What options do Rangers fans have under the tyranny of the Sather/Dolan regime?

M Hurley / My Blueshirt Heaven:
Thirty Pieces of Silver --
What options do Ranger fans have? In this day and age, it seems our only recourse is to blog, post on message boards and hope somehow our voices get heard. Chanting Fire Sather at games certainly hasn’t worked.

I am a Ranger season subscriber. Unfortunately, I still have to go to games and watch the Judases on this team continue to play. They turn my stomach. The only redeeming thing to watch is the kids. Hopefully they haven’t been too infected by the bad example that has been recently set for them...

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  • blow-me-down said...

    I actually did think that the resurrection of Sean became less likely the longer he stayed in Hartford. Perhaps the hockey gods decided that further penance was due. I'm 60-40 on Avery rejoining NYR, the 10% swing toward yay is attributable to the hardnosed style he showed last time. He played very well last season.

    Ah, nobody responded to my earlier postulation that Jessiman was picked for political reasons. Instead of picking a real talent, Sather went for a local boy.

    Any thoughts on that?

  • jb said...

    I think Avery's return is entirely a numbers game. Given this economy and all the empty seats that are sprouting a team like Dallas will do what ever they can to minimize their loss. Avery is a 'toxic asset' to Dallas, but just like the big banks aren't sure how to dispose of their toxic assets the Stars are in the same boat. They'll want to minimize their loss, so if that means Avery rots in the minors, then that's what happens.

    Did you see the NBA needs a bailout?

    My brain was too fried in 2003 to understand what the dynamic was for taking Jessiman ahead of Zach Parise and Mike Richards. But I think Sather has stayed because the Rangers have filled seats and made money. Getting that extra bit of playoff money hasn't hurt his cause. So the idea of a taking a local kid to boost the gate doesn't surprise me.

  • Section 335 said...

    After thirty some years of being a season ticket holder, I am giving serious thought to letting my rather good (location relative to price) seats go. This team has not been fun to watch this year, and there is not a lot to look forward to with three 6/7 million dollar men locked up for years playing like 2 million dollar men.

    I said before this season started, right here in this blog, that we lost Shanny, Jagr, Avery and Straka without replacing their goal production. Any idiot, including this one, could see this coming. I was shocked at how we came out of the gate, but not at how we are finishing.

  • jb said...

    Sec 335,

    I'll use a Titanic reference again and say it was like watching the movie. You knew the ship was going to hit an ice berg and go down. But we sure had fun in the beginning of the voyage this season.

    Lower the lifeboats. Women and children first.

    But, this will end badly for many of us.