Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Ranger Pundit Twitter Thingamajigger for the Blueshirts

Ranger Pundit signs up for twitterSo this Twitter thingamajigger is popping up everywhere. Oprah, Larry King, and Shaq are all twittering away.

There's also a bunch of NHL and Rangers twitterers. Sean Avery and Marty Brodeur have tried Twitter, but aren't very active at the moment. Not surprised that they don't follow each other's tweets.

You can learn some interesting things on Twitter, such as, Patrick Elias gets his hair cut at the Roy Teeluck salon in NYC. Note to self: next time you need a basic $100+ hair cut you'll have to drop in at Roy's and check it out.

So anyway, thought we'd try Twitter out before that haircut at Roy's. A Ranger Pundit Twittter has been set up and the Ranger Pundit will be twittering at aka Mike's Blueshirts. This whole tweeting, twittering, and tweets vocabulary will need some work here. Forgive our new-bee-ness as we learn our way around the nest.

FYI, here's the full background and scoop on Twitter.

Jess Rubenstein at TheProspectpark has been twittering for awhile and already has over 580 tweets. He had a funny take on comparing the Rangers players to Muppets. Lundqvist as Grover, Mara as Crazy Harry, Freddie as Link Hogthrob, Valley as Big Bird. etc.

It's hard to get excited about keeping Big Bird around for another year. Scotty gave him a grade of C for the year. Can't disagree on that one.

Anyway, some of the other twitterers the Ranger Pundit is following:

Checked out, but are not following these faker twits (some are pretty funny):

more interesting twittering going on at:

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  • Anonymous said...

    A lot of Ranger players have twitter now, you should update your list!
    Here's the ones I know of: @MichaelDelZotto

  • jb said...

    Thank you very much. They have all been added into a special NY Rangers on Twitter section.

  • Anonymous said...


  • jb said...