Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The More Things Change........!

It's about two months since I communicated anything to the blog and I can hear the peasants cheering. Another medical situation has laid me up for over a month after spending over a week in the hospital. It started out with a simple biopsy on the kidney and very nearly turned into a disaster. When they say that for every action there is a reaction, they aren't kidding. But we are slowly getting back to normal, whatever the hell that is.

Speaking of normal, the Stealth and The Garden Of Schemers have raised the prices of tickets despite a despicable year of underwhelming success. The prices are getting raised on the promise of the future not on the actual performance. Reminds me of the virgin and the IBM sales rep joke. It is also raised on the hope and hype of the new coach John Tortorella. You remember him? He was personally responsible for the Rangers collapsing after building up a 3-1 lead against the Capitals.

We are now in the annual game of a) trade up in the draft for a high powered pick or b) go in the market and trade for a scorer. I find it hard to get too excited by these drafts. Sure, we have made some great picks but it seems to take an eternity by the time they reach the Garden. Don't you think Sanguinetti has spent enough time in the minors? Who would you rather see as a pairing? Redden/Rozsival or Sanguinetti/Del Zotto?

Dany Heatley may be just the ticket to fill the void of a top scorer. Rumors are the Senators are looking at Sanguinetti plus a couple of others. Is it worth it? Remember Lindros? Bure? Fleury? Also, what does this do for the cap when you are stuck with players like Redden? Also, while Heatley may be a top scorer and the right ticket there is something about his game that doesn't put him in the All World category. Am I too picky and is he the real deal and the answer to the Rangers scoring woes?

So another long summer leading to another long season and with the current management another disappointing year. How is it possible to have a winning season when the Stealth brags about a strong defense that has Redden/Rozsival as its anchor? Hey, we have already been down this road. The more things change.......!

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  • Steve C said...

    Mike, sorry to hear about your health problems. I was curious about the lack of commentary from you. Wish you the best. I have to fully agree with your comments. I look forward to the draft every year but I am usually disapointed with the results pick and trade wise. Picks have beeen more encoraging as of late. I would love to see Del Zotto and Sanguinetti than Redden & Rosival(both have worn out there welcome). I know burying Redden in the minors would set a bad precedent but Stealth should just admit his mistake and get on with things. It would make more good things able to happen. The best thing though would be to rid the team of Stealth and Dolan. The team a fresh pair of eyes and brain to perform the GM's duties.
    The GM position definately needs better oversite, someone with a better judge of talent.

  • Luke said...

    Very sorry to hear about your health problems Pundit. I hope the summer is good for your recovery.

    I'm concerned at the prospect of selling our future short. I'd like to see us build up a good pase of youth rather than trade it all away.


  • Scotty Hockey said...

    While I am completely disgusted by this franchise and the cigar chewing assclown who runs it, I am glad to hear you back talking about it. Rest up, you need to be back in full health before another season of heartbreak begins this fall! Take it easy Mike!

  • mike said...

    Steve c.-As long as the Absentee Owner controls the reins, the Stealth will be with us forever and so will be disappointment and failure.

  • mike said...

    Luke-You are correct. Trading Staal or Dubinsky or Callahan for Heatley is not the way to go. I.m not totally sold on Heatley.

  • mike said...

    Scotty Hockey-Thanks Scotty. The heartbreaks are getting less because the expectations keep getting lower. It's so predictable.