Sunday, November 22, 2009

Going Backwards

Number one son called after the game, he went, and wanted to know if I have seen any thing like this Ranger team before. I said yes, 1945. Those 4F's and NHL rejects at least tried. I don't get the feeling these guys try. They can't play an all out 60 minute game. They have to play it in spurts. The excuse that Dubinsky and Drury are hurt don't cut it with me. Neither one was lighting it up when they were in the lineup and neither one is capable of sparking this team. In fact, as I look at this team, there is no one on it capable of sparking it. Gaborik is a great goal scorer, but team sparker he is not.

The team needs a complete make over. Overall, the team is too soft, on the offense and especially on the defense. Besides softness, there is no punch, and I do mean scoring punch. That other punch is lacking also. You can't win with one scorer. We don't even have a line. Torts keeps trying to find the compliment to Gabby and Prospal. The problem is that the other three lines are non entities. They need a big moose center man, one who can move the puck and protect his linemates.

The defense is playing shorthanded. You're shorthanded when you have Redden and Roszival getting too much ice time every night. You are playing shorthanded when they even skate up. The best defenseman on the team is a 19 year old kid. There is not a banger on the D line. There is no one to protect Lundqvist, to clear the crease or keep the opposing forwards honest and on their toes. We seem to come up with a lot of good young defensemen but none of them tough, rough and ready to do body damage. Is this the scouting system not doing the job or just looking at the wrong things in a defenseman? We seem to be obsessed with D men who can move the puck over the hit men. So we sign a Marek Malik while we pass over a Brendan Witt.

Right now, short of a blockbuster trade, this team will miss the playoffs. The young players we seem to be enamored with will not take us to the promised land unless we trade some of them off to get the desired two or three players we desparetly need. 1945 is beckoning!

1944-1945 Rangers Team Photo

Final standings 1944-1945 Season:

National Hockey League GP W L T Pts
Montreal Canadiens 50 38 8 4 80
Detroit Red Wings 50 31 14 5 67
Toronto Maple Leafs 50 24 22 4 52
Boston Bruins 50 16 30 4 36
Chicago Black Hawks 50 13 30 7 33
New York Rangers 50 11 29 10 32
Top 4 Teams qualified for the playoffs.

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  • Wes said...

    Everything in the Torts system has fallen apart. Conditioning is not there, Florida was stronger over the entire game, Rangers looked tired at times. The offense is MIA yet again. Not enough 2nd shots and going to the net, and long stretches with no pressure. Being strong on the puck and winning the little battles, again nothing special from the Rangers in that department. Have they tuned Torts out already? Is Tom Renney now smiling somewhere? You can't make cup winners out of cup cakes. A good rumble might have sparked some life in the team, but the designated rumbler is just collecting a pay check. So if these guys are just going to punch the time clock then we shouldn't spend another stinking dime on this team.

  • blow-me-down said...

    I'm going to watch some other teams for a bit.

    Gonna stay away from what ails me. It's been a terrible habit lately watching the Rangers embarrass point in being an audience to that (albeit remotely and in spirit only)

    I truly feel for the faithful who buy the tickets and fill the seats.

  • Luke said...

    Good to see you back writing Mike, shame there is not some more positives to write about!

    This was my one game to go to of the year. While it was nice to be inside MSG, it would have been nicer to see 60 minutes of energy.

    I think Wes might have hit the nail on the head "Conditioning is not there" How you get out worked by a team that has just played two huge road games is beyond me....


  • mike said...

    Wes-What is most annoying is that there does not seem to be a plan to address the basic problems of team toughness and lack of scoring. save your money and watch it on TV.

  • mike said...

    blow-me-down-Fortunately the seats are getting less full. Unfortunately, most of them have been paid for.

  • mike said...

    Luke-Sorry for your once a year bummer. "Conditioning". Never happened. Its in the genes.

  • RJC said...

    Mike: Been watching since about '68/'69, and sad to say but have to blame Slats. No chemistry, no balance and MOST importantly no team toughness. As you well know, that means some brawlers but moreso multi-dimensional guys who can play, hit and fight when necessary. Cup team and '79 team had that (Kocur, Wells, Beuke, Graves) and (Nicky, Beck, et al). Forget even the fans, such a soft team is outright disrespectful to the pure skill players. Why is it only the fans that see this???? My dad (now deceased) went back to the teams you recall, and his favorite line was "the NHL is not couples only skating!" Be well.

  • The Dark Ranger said...
  you and I are back writing about a team that is in chaos..sound familiar? So we got our way with Jagr gone, Tom Renney replaced, the inner-circle coaches replaced and a new kick-butt puck-moving forward coach that believes in the respect of the franchise.

    Mike? What gives?
    (nice to have you back, MIKE!!! We missed you)


  • mike said...

    RJC-God bless your Dad! You are correct about the Stealth GM being to blame for this debacle.

  • mike said...

    The Dark Ranger-How are you, my friend? The more things change, the more they stay the same.