Friday, December 18, 2009

The Prince Does Save The Peasants

So the coach screamed, one player cried, the other players had a meeting and guess what happened? Nothing. They came out as duds again and were outworked and outshot, 14-4, in the first period, 37-22 in the game. A PP goal by Callahan and a miracle goal by Chris Drury, which is still under review to determine the authenticity of the player, gave them a 2-0 lead after the first period. Lundqvist was outstanding in the first period and throughout the game and the losers knew it. The Isles coach, Scott Gordon confirmed it with, "The guy in the pads at the other end was pretty good."

He was good enough to win the home and home series but was betrayed by his team mates one of whom cried to the press that he was being singled out. Singled out! He should spend the rest of the season watching the replays of him and his buddy Rozy getting toasted by opposing forwards. They would make wonderful croutons for salads and soups.

So the Rangers beat the Islanders and scored five goals. So what? So what does it prove? It proves that on any given night one sub par team can out mistake another even more sub par team. The problems are still there. Henrik Lundqvist can mask the problems only so long. He can not carry this team the entire year without some big changes. I'll say it one more time. Unless there is a blockbuster trade and shakeup this Ranger team as it is constituted will not make the playoffs.

Long live The Prince.

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  • blow-me-down said...

    The crisis is not over, it has only begun.
    Keep going with The Crying Game, whatever it takes.

    Decisions have to be made. Does the team keep pretending they are okay and carry on with all the BS non-effort exhibited to date by so many players, OR do we actually get to see real opportunity, and responsibility, extended to the younger players?

    For starters, give Artem Anisimov a chance. Looking at him, he could use more TOI so he might realize what appears to be great potential. Not saying to overload him, it is just that he needs more exposure.

    The interesting thing is that, in this context, handing more responsibility over to the younger players does not necessarily equate to blowing the season. The blowing of the season is well under way already, let's get the interesting stuff happening.

    And if Rozsival goes on another streak where he looks like Hal Gill squared, tell him to get his suit pressed. Right now, some people talk about him like he is playing like an allstar, when all he appears to be doing is to be playing like a half-decent d-man at half the cost does.

  • jb said...

    T don't think the younger players get a shot, because as long as the team has a chance of making the playoffs they'll try and prod and goad their veterans to produce. They'll use the younger players as the "stick."

    You would think that Torts and Sather's tenure at MSG is in jeopardy if they don't make the playoffs. So like cornered rats I'd expect them to start nipping at all the high priced veterans to produce. Drury, R&R should steel themselves for some tough days ahead.

    Rozsival pick-up just highlights what a slacker he's been. When he starts dropping the gloves I'll take notice.

    I would like to know if you think Drury will get booed at the Garden? Has that ever happened to a Ranger Captain? The Garden could be an ugly place come February. Sometimes I'd like to see us hit rock bottom just in order to flush out the bad.