Tuesday, January 26, 2010

76 Second Meltdown

No it's not the name of a new horror movie, though where and how it happened was a horror. This was the amount of time our heroes needed to implode last night in handing the Penguins a win. After the second goal by Artem Anisimov, who has now fulfilled his monthly quota, the Rangers folded like an accordion. The loss was the fourth straight to the Pens this year and the seventh in a row to the Stanley Cup Champs.

Just fifteen seconds after Anisimov's goal gave the Rangers a 2-1 lead, Marian Gaborik took a stupid slashing penalty. Aren't all penalties stupid, you might ask? Yes! But this one so quickly after a highlight goal was a game killer. Sixteen seconds later, Malkin tied the game on a deflection by Chris Drury. BTW, the ace announcers on VS never mentioned that fact. But the nightmare was just starting because exactly 60 seconds after Malkin's goal a guy by the name of Chris Conner, who was just brought up from Wilkes-Barre, Pa., got the game winner. Conner also got the games first goal. Connor was up to replace Billy Guerin. I might be having a memory lapse but I never remember Billy Guerin scoring two goals in a game against the Rangers.

So the losing streak is now three games. Fortunately, we play one of the dregs Wednesday night when me meet Carolina. All that talk about finishing in a high playoff spot is disappearing. Playoffs? Tampa Bay, in 13th place, is only three points behind the Rangers. Tortorella doesn't want to talk to Larry Brooks? Fine. However, he better start talking to the Stealth GM, if he can find him. This ship is sinking fast and the lifeboat only has room for a few. Tortorella should act soon or he find himself tossed overboard.

Ooh La La, we truly Suck!

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