Friday, January 08, 2010

Chad Is Had By Rangers

Chad Johnson put on quite a show last night. Too bad he didn't get the support he deserved. He made 31 saves in 65 minutes and stopped three out of five in the shootout but it wasn't good enough as the Rangers couldn't beat their nemisis, Johan Hedberg, and fell 2-1 to a woeful Atlanta Thrasher team that hasn't won a regulation game in 19 tries. The win for Atlanta ended a nine game losing streak. The Rangers have lost three straight to Atlanta and Hedberg this year. So if Atlanta is woeful what does that say about the Rangers?

Of couse Tortorella is busting his buttons because the Rangers are 7-1-3 in their last eleven. It's fool's gold. After a good showing against Dallas the Rangers barely showed up. They should have been fired up with the rookie in goal but to no avail. The Rangers have no spark, no life unless Sean Avery decides to unleash himself. But we are making strides. Before all we had were Lundqvist and Gaborik. Now we can add Avery, if Tortorella will leave him alone.

Too bad about last night. The kid put on quite a show. Too bad the supporting cast was AWOL.

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  • blow-me-down said...

    I liked CJ in the pre-season, and I like him still. Even if NYR had lost in regulation, I like the way he plays. He seems calm and unflustered, though with this team there will be plenty of opportunity for him to show his 'fluster gene' if he is so inclined :-) but I don't think he is built that way. Too early to tell the future but he looks very promising so far.

    Avery played well, Drury is going to be the first NHL player to die blocking a shot (talk about heroic, hey?). Most of the team just played lacklustre. Since the lockout, lacklustre often gets you rewarded with a point.

    I think all these guys, other teams too, are going to be pretty tired by the Olympics, if they aren't already.

    Oh, one plus about the game was I hardly had to look at all. Yay!

  • pj said...

    I now close my eyes whenever I see Drury trying to block a shot.

    CJ looks great. Steve Valiquette who? Do you think SV ever gets another shot at the bigs?

  • mike said...

    blow-me-down-Chad is definetely a plus and Brashear not playing a lot is a bigger plus.

  • mike said...

    pj-Maybe by trading him to another team.