Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fighting Juggernaut!

Maybe it was the political earthquake in Massachusetts that stirred them up because there must be something stirring these guys. Eight goals after scoring six against Montreal. In five periods the Rangers have scored a month of goals. Add in three more fights and you have a team that has finally discovered how to play hockey. You play rough and tough and you get the benefits. Goals.

Granted, we still have some large holes but right now the Rangers are catching the right teams at the right time. What seems to be helping is the extra playing time given to the fourth line. The Crash Line, as Larry Brooks calls them, have been rocking and socking. Avery, Voros and Boyle. Voros finally scored a goal, on the power play no less. The question is, with Tortorella's penchant for tinkering with lines, how long will they stay together? Knowing Tortorella's thinking, he'll break them up after their first bad shift.

Right now the fourth line is clicking and so are the Rangers. As I stated in my last post, lets take these games one at a time and not to project into the future. Forget standings and playoffs. Coming up, the hateful Flyers, who pasted us pretty good at the Garden. Now we have a chance to get revenge at Wachovia. Let's see if the streak continues. Let's see if we continue to score goals. Let's see if we continue to rock and sock. Let's see how long the fourth line of Avery, Voros and Boyle stay together. Let's see!

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