Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Goal But No Cigar

The Rangers scored a goal. Actually it was Brian Boyle who scored it. To no avail as the Rangers could only muster 20 shots and lost their third straight game to the revamped Blues who won their fourth straight. The only thing keeping the Rangers in the hunt right now is that the conference is loaded with mediocre teams who take turns beating each other and running off three and four game streaks.

The Rangers look completely out of sync. The fourth line played rather well especially Lisin. Unfortunately they don't get much ice time as Tortorella goes to the 'go to guys' who lately haven't been going anywhere. But stick with them Torts, sooner or later they will produce. Probably after they are hopelessly out of the playoffs and then they will put on the proverbial 'salary drive'.

One thing that caught my attention last night, believe me, it was tough paying attention, were the comments by Joe and Sam about the size and toughness of the Blue's defenders. When was the last time you heard them talk about a Ranger like that? Let me ask the question. Who on the Rangers is big and tough? This team looks like the reincarnation of the famous Smurfs.

So tonight its Les Habs and Scotty Gomez who will vie with Rozsival and Redden to see who will get booed the loudest. Torts will round up the usual suspects, Lundqvist will stand on his head, the Rangers will score a goal and may win or lose depending on how inept the Canadiens are. Cheers!

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  • blow-me-down said...

    The lack of consistent toughness has been a plague for years. I never have understood it, probably never will.
    In the sport of hockey, if a player does not enjoy laying some physical punishment on the opposition, there is something so very very wrong. The way it disappears so completely at times, and then re-appears is a bit maddening.

    Play like charmin', you'll probably lose. Play with some balls, no guarantees, but at least you may overcome your other shortcomings.
    This is the great NYR riddle I've been trying to solve since the turning of the century.

    There definitely seems to be something to be said about the way the lines keep changing. There is no benefit to it, so stop doing it and let the guys develop something.
    I wholehearedly agree with that.

  • Anonymous said...

    The Rangers are soft because Sather is soft in the brain.

  • mike said...

    blow-me-down-Good analysis. See last nights game.

  • mike said...

    Anonymous-You got that right.