Monday, January 11, 2010

Highlight Roundup

Michael Del Zotto takes it to the net!

Scotty Hockey: MDZ's goal was Orr-esque. Simply incredible.

Hockey Rodent: Michael Del Zotto reminded us of the scoring talent we saw with frequency in early October.

Jaromir Jagr living the good life in Russia. Brawl KHL Vityaz Tsehov - Avangard Omsk (full version, 7:34m) Yityaz Chekhov in red and Avangard Omsk in white.

update: Jagr wears white #68 and it looks like he gets sucker punched at around the 1:29-1:30 mark by Yityaz player #7, Darcy Verot, a Canadian minor leaguer. JJ then goes down to the ice. He's then at the bottom of a four man scrum that the camera zooms into at the 1:31 mark. JJ's teammate #44 holds his man at bay and helps pull Verot off a downed Jagr, who then gets Verot in a headlock. Looks like a good cage fight on ice.

2nd update on what happened,
via Hockey blog in Canada:
According to reports, Darcy Verot of Vityaz fired a puck at Avangard's Lasse Kukkonen during the pre-game warm-up. Because of Verot's stupid decision, tension escalated quickly. Vityaz, having a number of pugilistic pros, began the chirping across the red line to the Avangard players. It is reported that Brandon Sugden, recently signed by Vityaz to replace Chris Simon, tackled Alexander Svitov and threw punches during the warm-up after a couple of players met at center ice.

According to Jaromir Jagr, the entire ordeal was started by Verot. "Their tough guy Darcy Verot threw the puck at one of our players," Jagr told "Then he skated to another of our players at the red line and speared him."

The teams finally separated, and it appeared that things might be over. However, the Vityaz players were only getting started. Just 3:39 into the first period, the entire game fell apart, resulting in the video above.

Somehow, Jagr was paired up with Verot through the ordeal, and it seems that Verot decided to play by his own rules in this fight. "If you're a tough guy you should respect the honor code," Jagr continued. "There were people fighting around us and I was holding Verot. Then he told me: 'Ok, we are done. No fighting'. I released his hand and in a second he punched me in the face. I didn't see that coming and that's why I fell down." ...

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