Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Le Habs Beat Le Have Nots

So this was a big game? So this was to be the game that the 'big guys', like the coach likes to call them, show up big? Show up big? They didn't even show up. What is it with this group? It is not a team, it is a group. It's amazing that coming down to the wire, with 13 games to play, they come up with a non-performance like this.

But what did you expect. It's in the genes. 1994 was an aberration. If it wasn't for Mark Messier the Islander fans would stil be chanting 1940. There is a pattern of being non-shows on big games. So now we are three points behind depleted Boston and Boston has a game in hand.

Sean Avery who scored the only goal, led the team with four shots, had three hits and imploded with seven seconds left, taking a roughing, slashing and game misconduct. He should have left sooner and spared himself the embarrassment of being associated with this group. One good thing about watching it on TV you can switch stations or turn it off completely. I turned it off, and have turned off this group.

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