Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Stealth Slips (Again)

Well our anointed hero Sir Stealth has done it again. He is collecting plaudits from the main stream drive-by-media for an 18-year-old "tough" defenseman that he drafted to the surprise of everyone including him. There was no praise from the trio covering the draft on Versus.

He then completed his daily double blunder by trading former number one pick Bobby Sanguinetti to Carolina for a sixth rounder this year and a second rounder next year. I have a question for the Stealth. We drafted a first round pick, Sanguinetti, who was to be the next Leetch, for two meaningless draft picks. It says The Stealth doesn't know what he's doing or he just gave away the store. Do you know what you are doing Sir Stealth? Do you know that you gave away the store?

So we are supposed to get excited about a young stud who is anywhere from 3-5 years away from making an impact, no less the lineup. And with the brainless, impatient coach we have there is no guarantee this kid will ever see the light of day on the Rangers. Lucky him. What do you expect when we have a GM who is not only absent from his duties but also absent from his brain power.

I was right the first time. You don't belong here, Sir Stealth, go back to Edmonton.


NY Post:
Rangers send Sanguinetti to Hurricanes -- The acquisition of Sanguinetti fits perfectly with the Hurricanes’ philosophy of picking up young defensemen that other teams had drafted high — a list that includes Tim Gleason, Anton Babchuk and Joni Pitkanen — because prospects on defense take so long to develop.

“We have several first-round picks at defenseman that other teams took,” [Hurricane GM] Jim Rutherford said. “We’re kind of living off other people’s drafts and getting their development started and jumping in and us getting them at young ages.” ...

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