Friday, August 13, 2010

The Absentee Owner And The Losers

The Absentee Owner, of all things with MSG, woke up from one of his snoozes, saw his shadow and decided he needed a complimentary bookend to the Stealth GM and tried to hire Isiah Thomas to complete the set. What goes with this guy?

The Absentee Owner has a love affair for incompetents. How else to explain his long love affair with the overly incompetent Stealth? Talk about not having his finger on the pulse. Who's next? I won't belabor the point but my buddy, Scotty Hockey, has a humorous piece on some potential new hires. Thomas , as GM of the Knicks, literally brought them to their knees, same as the Stealth is doing to the Rangers.

The Knicks have still not recovered and the Rangers continue in their comatose state. Every year we are lured by the "fools gold". They pick a player here and another one there. There is no plan for either team just a hopscotch approach to filling the roster spots. Usually they are players in their declining years but the Big Apple is going to bring out the best in them. Yeah, sure. I swear they are probably using a dart board to pick the next "hot prospect" or the "aging veteran" who is going to turn it around.

I hear Stephan Marbury and Theo Fleury are available for the right price.

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  • jb said...

    This NY Times article, A Man of Few Words, Dolan Says the Wrong Ones, about Dolan's recently attempted tryst with Isiah Thomas makes you shake your head. Dolan is like a pet dog in his affection for the likes of Thomas and Sather, loyal to the end.

    Dolan is the anti-Steinbrenner. It must be a law of physics if a town has one Steinbrenner it must have an anti-Steinbrenner to keep nature in balance. So using that reasoning if the Steinbrenner is gone, so must the anti-Steinbrenner soon disappear.