Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bruins Bop Blueshirts

To avoid that last minute, game, drive for a playoff spot and to avoid SI"s prediction of 12th place, the Rangers must be more consistent at home, and must win more games at home. Right now they are not doing the job at home. For whatever reasons, noisy home crowd, heritage jerseys, too much night life, too many charities, ad nauseum ......It's not working.

The Rangers seem unable to pick up the momentum from a previous win. After a stirring OT win in Pittsburgh and riding a three game streak the Rangers bombed at home, again, last night. There is always something. A cheap goal, powerless on a 5-3 power play, back to the perimeter game, too much passing, you name it.

Maybe the mini road trip, Colorado and Minnesota, will straighten them out. But these are road games. Gotta win at home.


Tortorella postgame remarks...

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  • pete said...

    Derek Stepan had an assist last night his 5th one. But since the first game he has been invisible. Give him 2 more games, a quarter of the season, and if he doesn't contribute more ship him down to Hartford. Consistency is one thing this kid doesn't have yet.

  • mike said...

    pete-Can't disagree with you but the coach keeps moving him to different lines and his ice time has fluctuated from low to nothing.

    So give him a few games with at least 16 minutes and then we can make a better evaluation.