Saturday, November 20, 2010

Colorado Crusher

With number two daughter and number two son in attendance the Rangers failed to show up last night and were literally crushed by the Avalanche, 5-1. It was probably one of their worst performances of the year, and how many more times will I be saying that this year? How bad was it? Lundqvist got pulled halfway through the second and that in itself is a cause for major worry.

Trust me he had major assistance. Michael Del Zotto, a minus four, was horrible but what is new about that. In all fairness he had plenty of help. The Rangers were at least a step, or skate, behind every Colorado player. When it was way too late Avery fought Cody McLeod. Sean hustled all night, but why do I get the sense that coach disagreeable would love to see Avery playing somewhere else. Why?

The good news is that the Rangers get back into action tonight against the Minnesota Wild. The bad news is that the Wild are moving up and unless Lundqvist reverts to form another pasting is likely. Stay tuned.

ICINGS: Saddened by the news of the passing of Pat Burns, due to cancer. Burns was a warrior on and off the ice. He battled colon and liver cancer and the latest was when the cancer spread to the lungs. Burns led the Devils to a Stanley Cup in 2002 and also reached the finals with the Canadiens. He won the Jack Adams Award, coach of the year, three times and is surely a future Hall Of Famer. Condolences and prayers to his wife and family. God Bless you Pat Burns.

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