Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home Woes Continue

For two periods last night the Rangers seem to have it going. They took three one goal leads. They fought and stuck up for each other. Between periods something went wrong. They played their cycle game. Rozsival and Del Zotto returned to their giveaway selves and even the usually flawless Lundqvist faltered.

So what else is new? This team, as constructed, just cannot do it. I fail to believe that Marian Gaborik returning is going to solve our problems. A shakeup of the defense is a must. Rozsival should be put on waivers. Del Zotto should take some shifts in Hartford. Eminger should be cut. Gilroy should get more ice time and we should get a better look at McDonagh and Valentenko.

You may say that is too much inexperience on the blue line? I say, so what? Let's stop fooling ourselves. We are not going anywhere. SI's 12th place pick right now looks solid. Book it. Take it to the bank. Are we ever going to win a home game? I'm booked for Sunday's matinee against Edmonton. Should I stay home?


Highest rated fight of the month, so far, Eric Boulton (Atl) vs Matt Carkner (Ott).

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  • Dan Stryker said...

    Some of the forwards need to go as well. White is useless. Frolov is just plain lazy. Those two make Drury look great. Call up Dane Byers and waiver these 2 morons... like you said, what do we have to lose... we're buried in between 12th and 14th place this year...

  • Wes said...

    We should hope that the Rangers eke one out on Sunday against a last place team, who will be at the end of a long 5 game road trip. If not...

  • blow-me-down said...

    The defense has been not bad the last stretch, IMHO, but it doesn't take much for Washington to capitalize (sorry, I was even trying to find a different word there).

    I think NYR will finish anywhere from 8th to 11th, so I don't mind watching the young guys learn the game.

    I'm totally confused about Frolov. Just exactly what does he need to even look like he might score an honest goal? I'm genuinely puzzled.

    So, coach Renney returns in charge of his new team. Was he back to MSG as assistant under Quinn, or is this his first visit? I guess I could look it up.
    Oilers have lots of problems (that sometimes are overshadowed by their high profile rookies) but their upside is they can turn in an exciting performance.

  • mike said...

    Dan Stryker-You're right. The forwards need to be shaken up also.

  • mike said...

    Wes-Our past record doesn't always assure positive results.

  • mike said...

    blow-me-down-I believe he was here as an assistant.

    I may be wrong, but I do believe that Edmonton alwways puts on an exciting show at MSG no matter how bad the team.

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