Thursday, November 25, 2010


In honor of Thanksgiving the Rangers played the part of the turkey and they were carved up by an aggressive Tampa Bay Lightning team that pounced on them for five goals in two periods. They left Lundqvist out to dry and he was pummeled, physically and mentally, but came back with a strong third period to restore his self respect.

The refs didn't help either as they called a ridiculous diving call on Lundqvist after being run into by Ryan Malone, who set up camp at Lundqvist's doorstep and was never bothered. The coach was annoyed after the game especially with Gaborik, who again failed to show up. However, where was the defense? Where was the muscle? Where was the grit? Where was the effort? Where was the coaching?

Happy Thanksging Day folks. Enjoy your turkeys. Tampa Bay did last night.

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