Saturday, December 18, 2010

Apology To My Blueshirt Heaven

On my last post I used the title "In Prust We Trust". Unknown to me this title was previously used by My Blue Heaven on a previous post. I apologize for the use or misuse of the same title. Despite the fact that My Blue Heaven is linked on The Ranger Pundit it failed to get my attention. So many posts, so many titles. Unfortunately I do not get to read them all. In the future I will carefully scan all blogs so as not to repeat the error. The Pundit has posted over 800 blogs and this is the first one that we cross posted.

So one more time to my friends at My Blue Heaven. I apologize.

The Ranger Pundit

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  • Ray said...

    Wow he really made a big stink about that. Dont worry about it Pundit, keep up the good work. I visit your blog daily even if you're not posting, this is my home base for Rangers news because of all the links you put up. Thanks for all the good work. Happy Holidays

  • jb said...

    Mike you did not need to apologize. No one has a copyright on the phrase "In Prust we trust."

    A simple Google search on it will show you that the Hockey Rodent used the phrase last season (Feb 3rd), in a post entitled (guess what?): In Prust We Trust.

    It also appears that the phrase has been used numerous times. For example, see the
    Souvenir City Times (July 2, 2010):
    Rangers Re-Sign Prust, Former NYR Higgins/Parrenteau Find New Jobs -- in Prust we trust...

    My Blueshirt Heaven is a fool for making the following idiotic statements on his blog:

    If you gaze down this blog page, you will see I entitled my entry on December 9th “In Prust We Trust”. I am taking due ownership of this phrase.

    I believe I was the first blogger to coin that phrase, in fact, I KNOW I was. I don’t mind other  bloggers or sports writers borrowing the phrase but they must give credit to the originator. Otherwise, it’s plagiarism...

    Therefore using his own twisted logic My Blueshirt Heaven is a plagiarist and he owes the Hockey Rodent an apology. Again just disregard the foolishness by My Blueshirt Heaven.

  • mhurley said...

    Thank You, Mike.

    To jb:

    Way to make yourself look really stupid dude. If you knew ANYTHING about me, you would know that I am a frequent AND longtime poster over at HockeyRodent.

    I coined the phrase on my blog and then Rodentites started using it over there, particularly poster Incident on 33rd Street. I let him know about it too.

    I have been blogging over at MyBlueshirtHeaven since 2006. FYI, internet blog content should be quoted and the author of the content referenced when quoting. It's the polite thing to do. I would extend that courtesy to titles as well.

    Both Mike Savino and I recognize that as intellectual property. We both put a lot of work and thought into what we do.

    I wish to apologize to you, Mike, for losing my temper. It just makes me crazy when stuff like this happens. Believe me, I have had credentialed writers lift my stuff.

    No hard feelings.


  • jb said...

    mhurley. Your ego is as big as your foolishness. I'm sure you think the Prust family should be sending you royalty checks. Because you of all people on earth have coined and copyrighted the phrase "In Prust we trust."

    No one owes you squat if they want to use that phrase. It is not yours. You do not own it. Stop heckling people who do use it. Or I'll ask Brandon Prust to kick you ass.

  • mhurley said...


    I can see you are a real class act(and perhaps a functional illiterate)by your responses. What you have to say about this matter is of absolutely no importance to me.

    Mike, on the other hand, is a gentleman and a stand up guy.

  • jb said...

    mhurley. We agree on one thing. Mike is a class guy. You, however, are not.

    Have you ever heard the expression "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Or do you have dibs on that one too.

    If you do feel, and only you, invented the phrase "In Prust we Trust" then its use by others should bring a smile to your face, not a hurled comment like the one you made to Mike on the post in question, where you said:

    "Jeez, I like how so many people are picking up a phrase I coined about Prust on my blog last week!"

    You should have also have added ... please ignore that Hockey Rodent post from February. He also stole the "phrase I coined about Prust on my blog last week."

    Yes, Please go away.

  • jb said...

    Just to add a point of law in this discussion for those who have followed it

    The only way to have any possible claim on a slogan or phrase like "In Prust we Trust" is to trademark it.

    "Copyright does not protect names, titles, slogans, or short phrases. In some cases, these things may be protected as trademarks."

    I remember basketball coach John Calipari trademarked the slogan "Refuse to Lose." That is a case, I guess, where he allegedly had dibs on that slogan. He also had a book with the same title.

    And to go around telling people to back off because you "coined" or invent a slogan or phrase is total BS.

  • blow-me-down said...

    Way to go MHurley.
    I'm super-impressed. What a solid thing to do.

    Insecurity, maybe?

  • Wes said...

    Am I in trouble for saying "Prust was a bust" after today's game. No he wasn't, but it seems there a only a few good words that rhyme with Prust.

  • Ray said...

    Entrust Prust? Can we use that one?

  • jb said...

    Ray, That's a good one. I also saw a commenter over at the website call themselves "In God We Prust". I really like that one. That phrase was also used by a commenter calling themselves "Media Savvy Lee" on the back in February. But if Mike or anyone wants to use that one, he has a free right to use it, or make it up on their own. It's still a free country.

  • Anonymous said...

    Why make a big deal about somebody uses a phrase that is not copyrighted? "In Prust we trust" is pretty obvious. Too much ego being emphasize here.

    Margaret, you should be ashamed of yourself losing your temper with probably the oldest Ranger fan on the net. You always thought a lot of yourself and put people down who don't agree with you. Grow up!!

    You still bring cookies to the games? Did you give any to Tom Renney when he came to town???

    Your pal Lenny