Friday, December 17, 2010

In Prust We Trust

When the Rangers signed Brandon Prust they were looking for a mucker. Fourth liner. Get into the corners and protect your team mates. What a surprise. What they got was a spark plug. With the disappearance of Marian Gaborik and the deterioration of Chris Drury the team must turn to grit and determination to win games. Who is grittier and more determined then Prust?

Last night he turned the game around with a short handed goal as Coyote goalie Jason LaBarbera totally misplayed a Ranger clearing pass. The goal, with six seconds left in the second period cut the Ranger deficit to one goal and led the way to the third period comeback. It was Prust's fifth goal of the year, his third shorthanded and the Rangers eighth shorthanded goal of the year, tops in the NHL.

The win, in the shootout, was the third straight for the Blueshirts, and they are now even at home, 8-8-1. The Rangers with 41 points are now fifth in the Eastern Conference and have more points than Montreal and Washington, who are leading their respective Divisions. The other goal scorers last night were Girardi and Stepan.

Its obvious that the Rangers aren't going to have any big goal scorers this year but it might be the year of the non scorer. For the Rangers it has to be the year of grit and determination. For this the Rangers are well armed. Avery, Callahan, Dubinsky, Prust and an ever improving Boyle are a formidable force. With this group and a rock solid Lundqvist in the nets the Rangers may indeed be the surprise many of you out there think they will be.

In Prust we trust!

ICINGS: Game highlights.

The NY Rangers Blog:
Thank You, Now Get Back to Voting --
I just wanted to give a quick thank you to everyone who participated in "Vote for Avery Day" yesterday.

From the overwhelming response I received, I can definitely tell you we made a huge dent in the 125,000 vote deficit.

One thing that actually angered me last night at the Rangers game. During a stoppage, the P.A. announcer asked Ranger fans to make sure they voted for the Rangers three All Star candidates Marian Gaborik, Marc Staal and Henrik Lundqvist. While I have no problem with them pumping up those players, how do they not acknowledge Sean Avery? He has the best chance of any Ranger to get voted into the game and nothing. Hey Rangers, Sean Avery is on your team!!!...
Torts postgame.

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  • Section 335 said...


    I am glad that you are finally coming around to liking this team. Your post was spot on. However, I do expect we will have a high scoring line. I expect that we will have a first line of Gaborik-Richards-Prospal come February 28th. The price is likely to be Gilroy and one more from Hartford. White will be sent down to make cap room. Why so cheap a price - Richards has a no trade.


  • jb said...

    I've always thought Richards was a soft player. But, if they can get him for the balance of this season and not give up too much, I'd say go for it. Just please don't re-sign him to a Reddenesque six-year, $39 million contract at age 30 (Redden was 31, when he was gifted by the Rangers).

  • Section335 said...

    I agree with you that the most he should get is a three year deal. His deal before was five years for 39 million, but he is not a 7.8 a year guy. Three years at 21 million seems about right for 25 goals and 55 assists. (I doubt he could be gotten for less and he is worth Frolov, White and Gilroy's money.)

  • blow-me-down said...

    I'm on the same page concerning Prust. Have liked that guy since seeing him play in Calgary, but now I can really how he uses his brain out there. He is composed with the puck, and for a very tough guy, he doesn't hurt the team with bad penalties. Pretty much all of his 86 minutes to date are for fighting, which translates to sticking up for his teammates. This guy has been gold. He loves where he is and what he is doing; it shows in his play.

    I hope Gaborik is like a slow fuse waiting to ignite. He is kind of streaky, and other guys are scoring, but it is pretty normal to want the two situations to exist - Gaborik scoring more AND the rest of the team scoring more. Unlike many, I am not so confident the the return of Prospal is going to be the silver bullet catalyst for Gaborik. I really like Prospal, but with the surgery he has undergone at his age, nothing is a given. I hope Gaborik is healthy. His speed looks fine but I don't think his shot is what I am used to seeing.

    Anyways, it's so nice seeing the non-panic approach this team takes. They believe in each other out there, even when (and most importantly, really) they make a mistake. I thank Tortorella for this, along with players commitment.

  • Section 335 said...

    Tortorella has impressed me greatly. I always listen to his post game comments. He knows his players, respects them and they respect him. You have to give him a lot of the credit for making this team and its players, such as Prust, who they are right now.

    He is also realistic. He keeps saying that this is a young team and will make mistakes and lose games by playing kids - but that is how they will learn. He has a plan. I think that plan includes Richards, who he won a Cup with. And, as much as I like Avery, Torts has every reason to use him carefully. I am sure he will get the most out of Gabby.

  • Section335 said...

    One more comment. I watched the Flyers-Penguin game on TSN. Best game of the year by far. The Flyers are a very good hockey club, but this will not be the the Flyers at their best. The injury to Pronger is huge, as he plays 22 minutes against the best lines and runs the power play.

    I just hope people realize this team is exactly what I thought it would be at the start of the year - a #5-#8 in the East. That is not bad for a young team. And who know, add Richards and a hard nosed lefty shot D man and we might ride the playoffs for a long while.

  • jb said...

    This conversation about Richards coming to the Rangers sounds similar to the one I hear Knicks fans having regarding bringing Carmelo Anthony in from Denver. Getting a good player, who might tip the balance towards a playoff run, versus what you have to give up.

    The loss of Vinny Prospal (20G-38A-58pts) was a wildcard that I think tempered everyone's expectations for this year. Adding back Vinny, plus Richards adds 'lightening' in a bottle for Torts. The blend of improving young guys and veterans, who hopefully haven't broken down too much, will make for a fun 2011.

  • blow-me-down said...

    I agree Section 355 regarding Pronger. He is such a force back there that hopefully it makes some of his teammates screw up in taking up the slack.

    And, not that you key on a guy like him and get all over-focussed, but don't let Zherdev score.

  • mike said...

    Readers-A lot of discussion about nailing Richards from Dallas. I think we have the players to do the deal. The question is does Dallas have the nerve to pull it off. Right now they are second in the Western Conference and may believe they have a shot at the Cup. Also, we have cap problems and unless we get rid of some high rollers it would be impossible.

    Thanks for your comments. Vote Avery!

  • mhurley said...

    Jeez, I like how so many people are picking up a phrase I coined about Prust on my blog last week!

  • mhurley said...

    I have called you out on this on my blog. It will soon appear very close to your purloined title on "The Garden Ice". I suggest you amend the title of this entry and give the proper credit to me and My Blueshirt Heaven.

  • mike said...

    mhurley-Sorry. There was no intention of stealing your byline. I will make a formal apology in my next blog.

  • mhurley said...

    Thank You.

  • jb said...

    mhurley you are a fool. The Hockey Rodent used the title "In Prust We Trust" last season, on February 3rd. It has also been used by many others, before you.

    You owe Mike an apology.