Friday, December 03, 2010

Pond Hockey At The Coliseum

The game they played at the Coliseum last night is the same kind of game I see when I go to The Rinx in Hauppage and watch the Pee Wees play. I would have to admit that my Grandson Nicholas and his cohorts play a better brand of defense then the two teams played last night. The three goalies were left out to dry. Everyone wanted the puck and everyone wanted to score. And score they did.

The Islanders scored five goals, for only the second time this year, and both times against the Rangers. The Rangers countered with six, led by Marian Gaborik's hat trick. It was Gabby's second hat trick of the season. His linemates, Christensen and Avery also prospered. Christensen with a goal and an assist and Avery with three assists. The line put up the best performance of any Ranger line this year. However, don't get too excited as there is no guarantee with this coach that the line will stay together that long.

Surely they will be together at the start of tonights encore game. After that all bets are off and their longevety will be determined by their play or the whims of the coach. While Gaborik seems to be regaining his scoring touch and Avery continues to play a solid all around game the inconsistency that surrounds the team continues to be the big factor in their performance. The biggest inconsistency however lies with the coaching staff and their constant shuffling and insistence that certain players get ice time despite poor performances. Ice time seems to rely more on reputation and salaries than it does on performance. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

See you at The Rinx tonight!

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  • Kid Dynamite said...

    The lines will be screwed with all season. Torts is a tinkerer. Drury comes back, other injuries, a few bad games by someone all mean more line changes. Everything is in flux. But, we're in 6th and again stumbling and bumbling to the playoffs. I've learned to enjoy the good games and forget the bad, otherwise you'll go nuts. Our grinders - Avery, Cally, Dubi, Proust, all give me good cheer for this holiday season.

  • mike said...

    Kid Dynamite-The Four Grinders, the Rangers answer to The Four Horsemen.

  • Section 335 said...


    This year, with a few exceptions, you keep seeing the glass as half empty. I have been seeing the glass as half full. We are clearly on our way to the finish I predicted before the year started and for the exact reasons I suggested. With a very young defense, we are not going to win the cup. But, we are building, finally, the foundation for one.

    We are on pace for 94 points without Drury or Prospal playing a game, without Gabby for half of the games, Frolov unable to find his game and the defense learning the game on the fly. There are a lot of reason to think we are more likely to improve than get worse.

    We are not a top four team. Still we could win a round or two. This team is not likely to beat Washington or Pittsburgh in the playoffs - but it will give them a fight. It is not as strong as Philly or Boston either. But, it could beat either of them in a game seven. And, that makes this team fun to watch.

  • mike said...

    Section 335-The team may be fun to watch but the coach is another story.

    I would be very happy if you turned out to be right and I am wrong.

    Right now its our grinders, see Kid Dynamite, who are making this enjoyable.