Monday, December 20, 2010

Sean Avery Crashes The Ranger Pundit's Birthday Bash

Sean Avery (right) crashes Mike Savino's 80th birthday party to wish him well.
Mike Savino and Sean Avery at the Ranger Pundit's
80th Birthday Party

Sean Avery (right) talks with Mike Savino at the Ranger Pundit's 80th birthday party
Mike and Sean talk hockey at the Ranger Pundit's 80th birthday party. Celebrated at the Il Mulino wine cellar
The funniest things happen on an off day .....

The family threw a surprise 80th birthday party for me this Sunday at Il Mulino in Roslyn, LI, NY. Appropriately it was held in the wine cellar, courtesy of my daughter-in-law, who like me, loves the vino !!! They were all there, family and friends, all twenty-five of them, and the big surprise guest who was introduced by number two son. Of course the whole party was a big surprise.

There were long time friends from Washington state and a long time co-worker from Mountain View, California. Those were big surprises. There were number two sons boyhood pals who were like sons to me, they were called the Three Amigos, and that was quite a surprise.

All four children, all three grandchildren and my next door neighbors, another wonderful surprise. My friend, the great Duke fan, who presented me with a Duke cap which I shall have to wear, despite the fact that I am a North Carolina Tar Heel fan. And of course jb was there. And then the surprise guest. In the middle of number two son's intro in walked............ Sean Avery. Yes, "the" Sean Avery.

Surprise to end all surprises. Needless to say he was engulfed by my family and friends. This rough, tough, take no prisoners hockey player picked up a new legion of fans which hopefully will vote for him for the All-Star game. He was gracious and spent plenty of time to pose for pictures, sign autographs, answer all types of questions and talk hockey with the Pundit. For a guy with the rep of being a tough guy, the bad boy of hockey, he was nothing but friendly and open to all. How many professional athletes on their off day would take the time to go to "Islander country" to wish Happy Birthday to The Pundit? He stayed a little over an hour because he had to go to a charity event in Manhattan. I don't believe there was one person in the party that doesn't have a picture of him or her with Sean Avery. He did admit that my site gets more hits than his site. Of course he gets the hits where they count, on the ice.

The Ranger Pundit has been blessed over the years with a wonderful wife and a great family and equally wonderful friends. They say if you have one friend you are rich. Well in that case I am a wealthy man. As you all know I have been a Ranger fan for 73 years now and in that time there has been much suffering and gnashing of teeth. But there have been good times too. The beauty of the Rangers is not so much the team as it is the fans. It is the fans that have kept the tradition going, more than it has been because of the team winning. Two cups in my 73 years of watching, so not much a tradition of winning.

Over the years it has been poor management, poor coaching and poor public relations. But tell me, what team in the New York area has a more loyal base? The Yankees? It's easy to root for the Yankees, they are winners. But there is something about the Rangers that you fall in love with. It's the prodigal son. It's the bad boy gone good. It's Sean Avery who is our Huckleberry Finn. I have had the privilege over the years of meeting some of the Rangers and talking with them.

Adam Graves, Jeff Buekeboom, Rod Gilbert, Gump Worsley and now Sean Avery. All winners and all class individuals. Thanks for the memories guys. Thanks for the party family and friends. For you out there in Ranger Pundit land thanks and vote for Sean Avery in the All-Star game and say a pray for Jake Feldman and Fran Pizzani.

God bless you all!

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  • jb said...

    I was at the party and Sean basically said he appreciates all the fan support to put him in the All-Star game, but he said he's already got plans for Florida during the All-Star break. I think he'd break those plans if the fan votes put him in the game.

  • Scotty Hockey said...

    Happy birthday Pundit!!!!!!! Glad you had what sounds like a delightful party, guest and all. And, while I'm at it, hope you have happy, healthy and merry holidays ...

  • Section 335 said...

    What a wonderful story. Happy Birthday!!

  • Wes said...

    Happy Birthday Mike! You do a great job as the Ranger Pundit.

  • mhurley said...

    Happy Birthday Mr. Savino. Many more.

    Is your Birthday today or tomorrow? I noticed this entry is datd 21 December, the Winter Solstice. Tonight there will be a lunar eclipse. 21 Dec is a powerful day.

  • mhurley said...

    Actually, the Garden Ice has your link, all links, as being posted on 21DEC? Don't know how that works.

  • The Dark Ranger said...

    Happy Birthday, Mike. The surprise birthday thrown by family & friends, getting more hits on your site and a surprise visit from Sean himself is now known as a "Mike Savino Trick".

    You are a class act to follow, Mike and I just want to thank you for delivering the 'fan's perspective' for all that can't be at (or afford) The Garden. In the early days through today of DARK, you were and continue to be a great blogger inspiration for me.

    And thank you for encouraging my friend Fran to beat this hospital thing -- even Sean Avery wrote him over the weekend and it is having a tremendous positive effect on everyone around him, including Fran.

    You are a mensch, Mr. Pundit. Keep up the good work and enjoy your b-day and your family around you. Happy holidays too.

    I hear the 80's are the new 60's?

    All my best,


  • Kid Dynamite said...

    Happy Birthday, Ranger Pundit! This team needs to get going and get you a 3rd Cup.

  • Ray said...

    Happy birthday Pundit, sounds like you had a hell of a party!

  • blow-me-down said...

    Happy Birthday, Mike.

    That was a great post, from a great guy. Your site is my command central for all that is New York Rangers!

  • mike said...

    To All My Friends

    Thank you all so very much for your kind thoughts.

    This is what makes posting so important. You people.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you all this holiday season.

    Have yourelves a Merry Merry Christmas and God Bless.

    The Ranger Pundit