Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Back Breaking Loss

As Lou Costello said to Bud Abbott when they were shooting craps. "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose." Sometimes you get the breaks and sometimes the breaks go against you. Against Washington the Rangers' Gaborik scored the tying goal when the puck went off of his body. Last night the Panthers scored the winning goal when the puck went off of Anisimov's back. It was truly a back breaking goal.

The Rangers came back from a 3-1 deficit to tie the game in the third period on goals by Prust, off of his skate, and the ever improving Boyle, his 18th. Zuccy had three assists and the only way this kid is going back to Connecticut is to be kidnapped.

So the Rangers go into the All-Star break sitting in sixth place. They are ten points behind first place Philadelphia and seven points ahead of ninth place Carolina. For those of you who care they are 26 points ahead of the surging New Jersey Devils.

The tired Rangers will now get a much needed rest as the sunny beaches of Florida beckon. The good news is that most of the walking wounded will be back. The bad news is that most of the walking wounded will be back. Let's be honest. These young kids, Zuccy, Sauer, McDonagh, Stepan and the Connecticut cut-ups have been putting on quite a show. Who will be scratched? How many will have their ice time reduced?

Gaborik said, "We'll get some guys back and get back to work." I've got news for you Gabby, these guys on the ice have been working all along and regular, I might add. There was no mailing it in. What's that old line? Be careful what you wish for.

A very good story about Zuccy.

Dave Lozo /
Zuccarello making up for size with skill in N.Y. --
There's no denying Zuccarello has the potential to be a good, and perhaps a great, player in this League whose size will eventually be an afterthought. He has speed, hands, smarts and a belief he belongs.

Heck, there may even come a day when he'll take his game to such great heights that he won't be subjected to columns that end with lines about him taking his game to such great heights.

But until that day comes, consider this another example of how size doesn't matter as much anymore in the NHL.

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