Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gabby Gimme More

Boomer Esiason from East Islip, NY decided to hold on to his hat after Marian Gaborik scored his hat trick at the Garden last night. Boomer wants more consistancy out of Gaborik. Scoring four goals and then disappearing for 10 days is not acceptable, especially with all the injuries to the Rangers (Dubinsky, Fedotenko, Frolov, Christensen, Callahan, etc.). Boomer wants Gaborik to step up every night.

Boomer and Carton blog / WFAN radio / MSG TV:
(Boomer & Carton discuss the Rangers game during the first 15 minutes of their podcast)

Boomer & Carton Poll Question:

What do you think about Boomer Esiason not throwing his hat on the ice last night when Gaborik got the ‘Hat-Trick’?


  • He is well within his rights to wait for a more meaningful ‘Hat-Trick’… 15.6%
  • C’mon Boomer…Where is your Rangers spirit… 46.1%
  • Nobody cares about hockey, Boomer… 38.3%
Scotty Hockey echoes Boomer's feelings about Gaborik.

Scotty Hockey:
27-18-3: Yawn --
*For all who are still delirious over Marian Gaborik's five point night, please keep in mind that he had hat tricks against Edmonton and the Islanders - the guy shows up when there is a dog to kick but when a real opponent comes around this season he has been the dog. I would rather see him score once in any of the close losses where were were desperate for a goal than see him put up four (and assist on another) against a bunch of bums like the Buds. That being said, his first goal featured some sexy stickhandling, wow. But, again, 10 of his 15 goals have come in three of his 34 games...
The Hockey Suit adds a cummerbund to the conversation.

Hockey Suit:
Slump Buster Or Same Old Story? --
Look, I hope Gaborik is breaking out. I've been defending him all season when everyone else was squirming to trade him for like Brayden Schenn or whoever, but until Gabby puts up some goals in tight situations, I am going to reserve enthusiasm for the time being...
I have to agree with Boomer, Scotty, and The Suit.

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