Sunday, January 16, 2011

Same Old Story

Number two son makes a trip to Montreal once a year to see the Rangers play the Canadiens. Why? Next to death and taxes, the next sure thing is that the Rangers will lose in Montreal. The Ranger record in Montreal is 62-193-40. The 40 is for ties that used to count in the old days. Old days, new days, old Forum, new Bell Centre they come out to the same result. Rangers lose.

Lundqvist was great again with 38 saves and reached the point of frustration by pounding Max Pacioretty who ran into him. Actually Dubinsky gave Max a little shove but that didn't deter Henrik from going after Max. So now not only is Lundqvist a great goalie, a great leader, he is now the chief enforcer. All three goals by Montreal were scored in a span of 2:44 of the first period after the Rangers had taken a 1-0 lead on Brian Boyle's 15th of the year. Two Montreal goals were on power plays.

The Rangers after sleep walking through the first two periods made some sort of rally in the third as Zuccy brought us within one with about 13 minutes to play. The Rangers put 21 shots on goal in the third period after putting all of 12 in the first two periods. Did the fact that Sean Avery got meaningful ice time in the third period have anything to do with it; after spending most of the first two periods on the bench? Avery is definitely marked for extinction by coach disagreeable.

The best shot of the night was the Flyers practicing in Central Park. The NHL wants to come up with something exciting? Have the Rangers play the Flyers in Central Park. Forget Yankee Stadium, forget the crowd to see the game. The TV audience would break all records. New Years Day in Central Park with all the New York Christmas lights up. That would be outstanding. We don't need Syd the Kid, or Alex the Great. Just NY and Central Park and the lights and the city. We could have Mayor Bloomberg throw out the first puck.

Let's do it. The Winter Classic in Central Park on New Years Day 2012.

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  • blow-me-down said...

    Same old story indeed.
    When the Rangers work a full sixty minutes (or reasonably close), they won't waste a stupendous effort like the one Henrik gave them.

    Dubinsky may have put all his horrible mistakes into one game. Forget about getting even with Subban. Getting the offense going is something NYR needs from Dubi; it's very noticeable when he is not on his game, which is very rare. That's how much NYR notices it when he has a poor game. I guess he can be forgiven for one bad, bad game.
    The whole team was basically AWOL after the Habs first goal until they totally dominated and owned the Habs in the third. Tortorella got some good lines rolling in the third, I'd like to see that strategy more often.

    The Habs like to run goaltenders if they think they can get away with it. Should it happen on Feb. 5 at the Bell Centre, I want to see a Ranger skater immediately pound the lights out of the guy. No ifs ands or buts. Forget about the resulting penalties. Just do it.

    The Rangers should not be losing to the freaking Canadiens game after game.

    Onward to a better game tonight against the Flyers.

    Go Rangers!!!

  • mike said...

    blow-me-down-You get a Subban and all the other jerks by actually going after them, not picking up peanut penalties.

    Also, rather than go after Subban, go after Gomez. Go after the so called stars though I would hardly put Gomez in a star category.

  • blow-me-down said...

    Mike, yes. If you're going to take a penalty, make it worth it.

    Van Massenhoven was going to throw his stupid arm up the first time Dubi so much as brushed up against him anyway. Might as well give him a real reason to blow the whistle.

    I keep saying to myself that Subban will get his, but I'm still waiting.