Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shootout At The DC Corral

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Will wonders never cease? The Rangers beat the Capitals again. This time at DC. This time in a shootout. It was a 3-2 shootout win in four rounds that led to a 2-1 Ranger win. Although the Rangers have scord two goals or fewer in their 13 games the record for that period is 7-5-1. The scoreless wonders are holding on to sixth place in the East.

The goal scorers in the shootout were Wolski, Zuccarello and Anisimov. Zuccy is now 4-4 in shootouts. I guess he is the Matt Dillon of shootouts. Marian Gaboik got the game tying goal as Boyle's shot went off of Gabby's body into the net. A true goal scorers goal.

The third period saw an interesting line. Boyle centering Gaborik and Avery. Talk about protecting your big guy. That should give Gabby all the protection he needs to skate freely. The Rangers keep talking about a big center who could take the body and score. Who better than Boyle? And with Avery riding shotgun on the wing life should be a ball for Gaborik. Let's see how long it stays together.

Somewhere the Ghost of Tom Renney is smiling.

Hockey Rodent:
20 Minute Game --
Tonight's backchecking was as good as Tom Renney ever scripted. Every time a Cap hauled the pill through the neutral zone a Gotham defender remained between the advancing forward and Biron. But to deny time and space, a second Blueshirt double-teamed - converging from behind to box the puck-carrier from both directions forcing the mark to stop and hot-potato the ball...
Somewhere the Ghost of Steve Valiquette is crying.

Puck Central:
Video: Steve Valiquette KHL Blooper
Zuccy, the Shootout Magician.

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