Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nothing Doing

The Rangers probably lit up when the news came that Ryan Miller was injured and would not play. Be careful what you wish for. Rookie goalie, Thomas Enroth, shut out the Rangers with the first shutout of his career. Of course John Davidson, at his current age could probably have shut out the Rangers last night. They got all of 23 shots on goal while Lundqvist had to make 35 saves. The Rangers continued their scoring woes, three goals in the last four games. They did score a goal, by Anisimov, but it was waved off as Callahan made contact with the goalie.

However, all aspects of the Ranger game were missing. The Sabres not only outshot the Rangers they out hit the Blushirts 25-19. Avery with 10:13 of ice time had four hits. He tied with Girardi who also had four hits in 25:15 of ice time, for the team high in hits.

The previous coach had the mantra, "not playing defense is not an option". This coach's mantra must be defense first, defense second and in case you forgot defense third and last. Marian Gaborik is a shell of his former self. He's been jerked around, short shifted, benched and thrown under the bus. Is it any wonder he has lost his confidence?

So now the Rangers are in a tie for 8th with Buffalo and Carolina is coming, only three points behind the Rangers and Sabres with five games to go. The Islanders are next, tonight at the Coliseum, and maybe the Rangers will come out of their slump. They have been averaging five goals per game against the Isles. Then it's Philly and Boston back to back. So wake up now or forget it.

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