Saturday, March 19, 2011

Price Is Not Right

The Rangers finally stopped their losing streak against the Canadiens with a 6-3 win that was not as easy as the score would indicate. The Rangers broke up a 1-1 game with a four goal outburst by Girardi (4), Callahan (22), Gaborik (21) and Boyle (21). Outside of that goal splurge the Rangers played a so-so game, had their goalie run twice and face the possibility that his injury is worse than they are making it out to be. The Canadien goalie, Carey Price, made only seven saves on twelve shots.

While the win enhanced their playoff hopes, if the injury to Lundqvist keeps him out of the next game and future games, the season is doomed. Sunday the Rangers are at the revitalized Penguins and the thought of Lundqvist being out is frightening. There is nothing new in Lundqvist being run. There is also nothing new in the Rangers doing little to retaliate for those aggressions.

There was only one fighting major in the game. Would you believe it was at the one second mark of the first period? Prust went with Moen. Now, pray tell me, what could possibly have happened in one second to create a rumble? Now, I am not a foe of fighting. I think it is part of the game. But there should be a reason for a fight. However, I am a foe of these prearranged bouts. Needless to say the homer boys, Sam and Joe, credited Prust with sparking the Rangers. Honestly, do the Rangers need a fight at the one second mark to spark them? You mean coach disagreeable couldn't spark them to start the game?

The Rangers have now put a little distance from ninth place Carolina, who trail the Rangers by four points with the same amount of games, ten, left. The Devils have been stymied by losing two straight and now are six points out of 8th place with only 11 games to go.

Sean Avery sat for the second time in three games and it says here that we will not see Sean Avery in another game this season unless one of the current players goes down with an injury. It also says that as long as coach disagreeable remains with the Rangers that Sean Avery will not put on a Ranger jersey. The blame stream media and many of the blogs are on the crusade that suddenly Avery is bad for the Rangers. Yes, he has taken some dumb, inexcusable penalties, but he also has drawn many. He is one of the few who do actually stick up for teammates.

A friend of mine was at the game and said he was surprised how many Canadien fans were at the game and how noisy they were. Well, with the ticket prices skyrocketing and the faithful being priced and pushed out we will see more of the opponents fans and the Garden ice will truly become neutral ice for our heroes. This is what has become of a storied franchise under the 'leadership' of the Absentee Owner, the Stealth GM and coach disagreeable. Boy, do I miss Emile Francis.

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  • Scotty Hockey said...

    Completely agree on all points, especially on Prust 'sparking' the team. I don't understand how the league's shorthanded goal leader risking further injury actually makes the team's hangovers go away.

  • Eric C. said...

    No love for Sauer? He was more than willing to drop the gloves with Subban. Refs stepped in before letting anything happen.

    And fighting is a part of Prust's game, that's just the player he is. I know he's a huge part of the PK, but the team and the fans love him for his willingness to scrap with anybody, anytime.

  • mike said...

    Scotty Hockey-Why they would take that risk baffles me.

    You miss The Cat too?

  • mike said...

    Eric C.-I love Sauer. However you have to admit that we have more Christensen's than we have Sauer's.

    I agree that fighting is a big part of Prust's game, but one second into a game?

  • Anonymous said...

    Canadiens fans have always traveled well especially in MSG where many show up for these games

  • mike said...

    Anonymous-Good point, however, more and more Ranger fans are selling their tickets.

    Also, the Garden is not a complete sellout and many tickets are available. It will get worse as the true fan will be priced out of the Garden.