Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rangers 3, Sharks 2 - Random Game Notes

Another gritty win by the Rangers and thank God for shootouts. Take away the Rangers 8-2 record in games decided by the shootout and turn into a more average 5-5, and those 3 less points put the the playoff picture in even more jeopardy.

It's a scheduling big break for the Blueshirts that we don't swim with the Sharks that often, or else we'd be sinking in the chum bucket. The San Jose Mercury News notes that "the two teams hadn't met in 509 days." Plus, the Sharks had a "5-0 sweep of the East's top four teams as the Sharks twice beat Washington and won the single meetings with Philadelphia, Boston and Pittsburgh."

Erik Christensen's goal will sadly give Sean Avery a case of Cat Scratch Fever.

Rangers writer Jim Cerny notes that was "Dubinsky’s first career shootout goal." My thought is well it's about time and you have to wonder why is Gabby so far down the list of shootout players?

Michael Gleich over at the Bleeding all Blue blog wants to make the case for Michael Sauer as Rangers Rookie Of The Year. I think Derek Stepan can still be best rookie if he scores some goals down the stretch.

Scotty Hockey echoes a feeling we all have: "It is impossible to appreciate the officiating. Eric Furlatt and Bill McCreary did a piss-poor job calling the game. And it is infuriating. The zebras should be invisible and yet time and time again this season the men in stripes have stepped into the story. How disappointing and annoying."

The "crutch" carried the Rangers again. Adam Herman of the Blue Line Station reminds us that Henrik Lundqvist "continues to be the best Ranger, which is what has to be in the case in order for the Rangers to make the playoffs... The win gives him 205 all-time, which puts him past Gump Worsley and 3rd all-time for Rangers goalies." Here is a toast to the old Gumper.

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