Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Slipping Away

With another one goal loss, with another home game loss, with another putrid first period, the Rangers are seeing another disappointing season come crashing down on them. The Rangers are now on a 4-9-1 dive with the ninth place Sabres only three points behind and having three games in hand. The Devils, who were dead over a month ago, are only 12 points behind the Rangers and have three games in hand. The Devils are on a 17-2-2 run. Who would you rather face in the playoffs, the Rangers or the Devils?

The signs are there. Prust is playing on fumes. Dubinsky gets almost 20 minutes of ice time and doesn't get a shot on goal. Boyle is skating slower and slower. Newbury gets around 4 minutes a game, so why even dress him. Avery gets between 4-9 a game so why bother with him. Anisimov did score a goal, but that was his only shot on goal in over 16 minutes.

So what is the common denominator? The coach. I would like someone, anyone, to tell me how many different line changes we get in a game. We talk about chemistry. This team has no chemistry. It has grit. It has determination. But chemistry? No. The coach has chemistry and it is all within. He is a potential explosion in the press room. So we shall wait for the impending explosion, but no matter it won't change a thing.


Hockey Rodent:
Berth-o-meter -- Rangers playoff chances are 55.9%, down 11% with loss.

Sports Club Stats:
NHL Playoff Chances -- loss drops Rangers playoff chances 7.7%, boosts Sabres chances by 10%
Look out below.

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  • jmaz said...

    Mike, am I right in saying Anisimov got 25 minutes of ice-time last night? lol

  • mike said...

    jmaz-According to the official stat sheet he got 16:03.

  • jmaz said...

    Ok, thought that was a little high for minutes. Don't asl me where I got that number from lol.

  • Dan Stryker said...

    Rangers chemistry = insanity

    Insanity = doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Keep the F-ing lines the same Fonzie!!!

  • blow-me-down said...

    An injection of talent is needed in the worst way.
    As you say Mike, the grit and determination only takes you so far. I think the team is further hamstrung by game after game of player movement up and down the lines.

    The incredible amount of man-hours lost to injury explain's a certain amount of the shuffling, but no matter, the lack of chemistry is a detriment. Players don't have any magic with each other, even though they bust their ass.

    And one other comment. Newbury is the most unnoticeable player I can remember (actually, I can't remember him!) in a long time. doesn't get a lot of minutes, but I see nothing in this guy from all his appearances to make me think he should even be on the team. Nothing personal, but he is invisible.
    Not that this is a big part of the Rangers' malaise, LOL.

  • Anonymous said...

    Couldn't agree more about the insanity of expecting constantly shuffled lines to score. Passes are always going where the Rangers ain't.

  • jb said...

    You know Spring is right around the corner when the Rangers start sliding towards that 8th playoff spot. As Prust goes, so goes this team, and as someone said, Prust is running on fumes. He has had 17 fights, tied for 5th most in the league. The guy has given his all, but he's very banged up. I think Sather is looking ahead, by not taking the Richards deal, and trading any young players. So we're in this death spiral until someone steps up, gets hot, and scores some goals. Maybe Callahan or Dubinsky get going, those two have been playing together a lot, and I expect more from them.

  • mike said...

    It is amazing that we all agree that the constant line changes do not help the team.

    However, do any of you remember once when the blame stream media asked that question at one of "his lordships" press conferences?

    Thanks for the comments. You make writing the post worthwhile.

  • jmaz said...

    When your coaching is erratic, you can't really expect your team not to be erratic.

  • mike said...

    jmaz-Erratic coach, GM in hiding =perscription for disaster.