Sunday, May 01, 2011

Keep'em or Dump'em

The New York Daily News has a very interesting poll on who to keep and who to dump. 75-25 to keep coach disagreeable. 52-48 to keep Avery. Big margin to dump the Stealth. Check it out.

NY Daily News:
Rangers: Keep 'em or dump 'em? --
The Rangers postseason stay was a short one (again!) as they were bounced in the first round by the Capitals. And it's only fitting the series swung when the Rangers turned a 3-goal lead in Game 4 into a crushing double-OT loss. Now it's your turn to say which Rangers need to get bounced. Put on your GM's cap and tell us who stays and who goes.
78% of fans polled by the NY Daily News say dump Glen Sather, the stealth GM

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  • said...

    They left out Ryan Callahan

  • jb said...

    If a "Rangers" fan voted to dump Cally they should be taken care of like that guy, Prometheus in Greek mythology. They should be punished for their crime by being bound to a rock while a great eagle ate their liver every day only to have it grow back to be eaten again the next day.