Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting Your Burka on in Dagestan

Put this story in the category of how Alex Ovechkin is spending his summer vacation. How many people have heard of Dagestan?

Russian Machine Never Breaks blog:
Photos and Video: Alex Ovechkin Honored with Hat and Burka at Halftime of Russian Soccer Game --

For a lot of us, Makhachkala, Dagestan would have been a pretty safe answer to the question “Where in the world will you not find Alex Ovechkin this summer?” Apparently, a lot of us would have been wrong, as Alex the Great made a surprise appearance during halftime of a soccer match between the Russian Premier League club Anzhi and the defending Russian champions Zenit Saint Petersburg. The local team, Anzhi, honored their guest by presenting him with a traditional Dagestani burka (cape) and papakha (wool hat), as well as the Anzhi supporters scarf...


It should also be noted that since the NHL is now a global brand don't be surprised if Gary Bettman asks for another raise.

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