Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Philly Cheesy Cheese

Here is the video of the Rangers-Flyers melee that erupted during the first period of Monday's preseason game.

Tom Sestito, the Philly player who drilled Andre Deveaux into the boards has only played thirteen games in the NHL. The 6'5", 228 lb cheap shot artist made a strong statement with that play on why he should stay in the minor leagues after his suspension.

A Philly perspective (with interview videos) of the craziness that took over a "sleepy" preseason game, by Travis Hughes at Broad Street Hockey:
Preseason insanity: Simmonds, Avery, Sestito, Rinaldo and Jagr all headline in 5-3 Flyers win

Not too bad, until he took the obligatory swipe at Sean Avery for being Sean Avery.

Do you think the HBO 24/7 film crew recorded, and will they run all of these random acts of maiming by the Flyers, as part of their road to the Winter Classic?


While the real Jaromir Jagr has not tweeted yet, the fake Jaromir Jagr is having a field day after his namesake scored two goals against the Rangers. Bogus Jags loves to run his tweeter off with over 3,270 tweets for his army of 168 followers, go JJ!

Twitter / Jaromir Jagr (Fake):
I think i pretty much shut every one of my haters up

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