Saturday, October 01, 2011

The King Returns to his People

Let us get one thing straight. It's Henrik Lundqvist's world and we just happen to live in it. Henrik's triumphant return to Gothenburg, Sweden, to play a preseason game against his old Frolunda Indians team, was a celebration of a hometown hero.

The fact the Rangers won the game 4-2 was a complete afterthought.

There once was a Prince from Frolunda,
Who was loaded with goalie chutzpah,
He traveled far west,
Where he became the best,
He returned as King to much hoopla.
Look, we are so overcome by emotion that even the steely-eyed cynics here are composing verse about the King's return. Tears for sure would have been rolling had we made the trek ourselves. But, we will rely on the young guns like Scotty Hockey to do our leg work.

Here's a roundup of some various perspectives on the King's return. It's lead off by the aforementioned Scotty Hockey, who takes this blogging game to another level when he travels with our Blueshirts.

Scotty Hockey:
Preseason: Rangers 4, Frolunda 2 
Their passion for the boy they watched become a King was rewarded on Friday when the Rangers came to town. Hank turned back into Henke as the Frolunda folks were able to bask in their pride and joy one more time. They sang, they clapped, they made him hop. And they had a helluva time doing it. That their team lost was utterly inconsequential. That our team won was just as inconsequential...
Bill Rosen /
Lundqvist gets hero's welcome, win in return --
They chanted his name, gave him a standing ovation, awarded him a certificate that made him an ambassador to the city, and even played the song "You're a Superstar" after he made a key save halfway through the second period...

Lundqvist, though, was the only star on a night he made 32 saves that all pale in comparison to the sensation of being greeted with a hero's homecoming welcome.

"I've been thinking about this for a long time," Lundqvist said during his third round of postgame interviews. "Over the summer I saw all the boys and this last week it's been a lot, and almost every hour the last couple of days. I wasn't sure how I would react to it, and it was very emotional. I didn't cry, but I was close...
Rick Carpiniello / Rangers Report Blog:
Rangers-Frolunda in review --
just a very cool day all around for alternate captain Henrik Lundqvist, not to mention Joel, and their family.
The Henrik Lundqvist blog:
Henrik & Joel Lundqvist Swedish Post-Game Video Interview -- [in Swedish, with translation in comments]

Jesse Spector / The Blueshirts Blog:
Happy homecoming for Henrik Lundqvist as Rangers beat Frolunda

Bill Meltzer /
Premiere's European teams have storied traditions

Rangers TV:


We are not worth O' Lun-Kan

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