Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Prodigal Son Returneth?

The Rangers will try to get Sean Avery through the re-entry draft tomorrow for his return to the embattled Rangers. I say try because there are strong rumors circulating that two teams, the Islanders and Black Hawks may claim the fiery forward to bolster their teams.

For the Islanders it would be an in your face shot at the Rangers to take advantage of the disgruntled Ranger fans and maybe boost their sagging if not dying attendance. For the Black Hawks it could be a permanent replacement for the suspended Carcillo. Imagine the repercussions of the Ranger fans if the crowd favorite were to join a rival such as the Islanders.

Why the change of mind so soon? Many theories, but no facts. It certainly is not the coach's idea. One school seems to be that the Stealth GM, after the first two home games senses a storm brewing and before it turns into a tsunami wants to make a fan favorite move. The GM is no dummy, he doesn't want to lose his job because of an obstinate and media pariah coach.

Another theory has it that Henrik Lundqvist and Brad Richards, who are friends of Sean may have either talked to the coach or GM about the poor play of the team and what an energized Avery can bring to the team. Who knows?

But, if Sean is brought back he must be given meaningful ice time, not 5-8 minutes on the fourth line. So we shall see if this is a PR move to soothe an irate fan base or the coach is really serious about turning this team around. Tomorrow should be an interesting day and if all goes well the Prodigal Son will return on Thursday to be greeted by his loyal followers.

The Ranger Pundit says welcome home to the Prodigal Son!

Let's Go Rangers!

How has Sean Avery been doing with the Connecticut Whale?

Saturday night Avery provided the shootout winner for Connecticut, who won their fifth straight game with a final score of 3-2 over the Worcester Sharks.

Friday night Avery contributed an Avery hat trick to the Connecticut win 4-2 over the Adirondack Phantoms. An Avery hat trick, in case you are interested, is a fight, a penalty, and a goal. It was Avery's debut with the Whale.

Update 10/31 am:

Larry Brooks of the NY Post is reporting this morning that Avery will go on re-entry waivers at noon today:
Unless something unforeseen develops, Avery, who was assigned to the AHL Whale after clearing waivers on Oct. 5, will be placed on re-entry waivers at noon today that expire at noon tomorrow.

If he clears as expected, Avery would be eligible to make his 2011-12 Rangers' debut Thursday against the Ducks at the Garden, where banners and chants in his support have marked each of the first two home contests...

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  • Section 335 said...

    I worry that Sean will be an Islander. It makes sense. He will bring fans to fill empty seats. He is a top six forward available at half price. Spend two million, make ten million.

    Clueless was given 10% of a season to run is team his way. He failed. Wouldn't it be ironic if Sean saved his job?

  • jb said...

    Irony is the word for Avery coming back to pull Tortorella's fat out of the fire.

    I bet every sports reporter in town would want to be there for Avery's first practice with the team, if he clears waivers. But the theory of the Isles taking him has weight in my mind. But, every team knows that Avery really wants to play for the Rangers and taking him might disrupt their team more than he's worth. Can't wait to see what happens.

    Avery, I think his middle name must be 'drama'.