Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rangers Magical Mystery Tour Ends with 2-1 Win Over Jets

Marty Biron wears the 'magical' Broadway Hat after NY Rangers defeat the Winnipeg Jets 2-1

Are the Rangers lucky or good? Based solely on the 3-1 results of this Canadian road trip you would have to say they are good. But, we know that's not the true story.

The 'Broadway Hat' that Marty Biron earned for his stellar 27-save performance in the Rangers 2-1 road win over the Winnipeg Jets must have some magic in it. The Rangers are pulling wins out of this Broadway Hat like a Zombie pulls teeth out of their rotting mouth. We know there is some rotten fakery going on with this team.

Brooksie at the NY Post observed:
While going through customs on their way home to New York, the Rangers presumably did not forget to declare the smoke and mirrors they carried with them through this four-game tour through western Canada.

Oh, and the six points they stole, uh, earned, as well...
Scotty Hockey notes:
Despite playing utterly atrocious hockey the Rangers have earned eight points in seven road games to start this season... The Rangers were a step slow, utterly out of sorts and completely dominated for long stretches of the [Winnipeg] game...
Nick Montemagno at The Rangers Tribune is scratching his head too:
I find it amazing that the New York Rangers managed to go 3-1-0 on their road trip through western Canada considering they were dominated for large portions of every game...
Joe Fortunato at Blueshirt Banter writes:
I don't think anyone will argue the main reason the Rangers have been able to escape the West [3-1]... was because of the combined efforts of the depleted defense and the goaltending...
Yes, the magical mystery tour has been performing on a solid goaltending stage, enhanced by shot blocking roadies, on which our high paid offensive performers have stumbled and bumbled about. The disagreeable maestro just keeps changing the act every night in hopes that one night the troubadours might actually get things right.

Well now the magical mystery tour has ended and the Rangers are taking their act back to Broadway. The question is how much magic is left in the Broadway hat?

Prusty wins a good close fight.

Brandon Prust vs Tanner Glass -- [Oct 24, 2011 1pd 01:55]
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Brandon Prust -- 55.7%
Tanner Glass -- 40%
Draw -- 4.3%

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