Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

The Rangers will spend Thanksgiving Day in Washington as they get ready to get stuffed and eaten by the Caps tomorrow. Last night they played like turkeys. If you want to soar like an Eagle you have to stop playing like a Turkey. The Rangers who ran off a streak of seven straight wins have now lost two straight and with the Caps, Flyers and Pens as the next three opponents they are looking at a long losing streak unless they can get their horrible puck possesion and offense in order.

Supposedly they practiced all day on the power play with the new PP specialist and saviour, Anton Stralman, who got 10:20 of ice time, 3:25 on the PP and no shots. The PP? It was 0-4 and 3-35 in the last 8 games. When coach disagreeable was asked to pinpoint the problem he replied in his usual Dale Carnegie style, "Nope". So some things have improved. We have gone from a sixteen second news conference to a "Nope". Nope rhymes with dope and that's what we have for a coach. Rope a dope.

The Rangers were outshot 38-20 and in the last two periods it was 31-12. But the coach has no answers. No ideas. For three years he hasn't figured out the power play and how to get it to work. As a starter, Del Zotto and Dubinsky get too much ice time and guys like Avery and Prust don't get enough. Avery got all of 7:07 of ice time. Why even bother.

Lundqvist was magnificent. he was like a robot out there making 36 saves. By the time we get this team where we want it to be Lundqvist will be past his prime. Then he will be part of the group of Giacomin, Francis, Worsley and Rayner and other great Ranger goalies who toiled valiantly for losing teams. But it doesn't matter because we have a turkey for a coach whose motivational style is intimidation. All aboard for the Tortorella Travel Service.

Happy Thanksgiving.

ICINGS: On this special Thanksgiving Day please say a special prayer for my friend Jake Feldman as there is a strong possibility that a bone marrow donor may have been found. Thank you and God Bless you all.

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