Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hats Rich

I must admit that I was a little skeptical when the Rangers signed Brad Richards this year. We had some other high profile signings, you know the names, and most bombed. Now I know it's early but right now Brad Richards looks like the real deal. There is no denying his past performances, but there was also no denying the accomplishments of the other stars who came here and failed. However most of them seemed to be over the hill or disinterested but the result was always the same. Failure.

Richards opened up centering Fedotenko and Avery (wow) but then switched with Boyle and centered Dubinsky and Callahan. He logged 19:33, put four shots on goal and registered two hits. His game winner was the 6th of the season. Unlike some of his predecessors he seems completely at home here and looks like the leader we needed. Remember, he was brought in to help Gaborik but Gabby seems at ease playing with Stepan and Anisimov. Of course if you follow the Rangers closely you know that the lines are always subject to change. Always.

It was a feisty game, the teams dished out a total of 54 hits, there were two fights, numerous scrums and a raucous crowd that exchanged chants and one time it sounded like Let's Go Ranlanders. Lundqvist made 31 saves, 27 in the 2nd and 3rd periods. He was given the number two star. Richards was number one. Isle goalie Nabokov was number three.

The unheralded star was Sean Avery. He again scored the first goal of the game logged 11:57 of ice time, got two shots and two hits. BTW did I mention that the Rangers are 5-0 with The Grate One in the lineup. The crowd chanted his name repeatedly but you would never know it listening to the homer boys on MSG who are just waiting for the moment that Avery screws up and then spout the party line.

Anyhow, it's on to The House of Horrors in Montreal. In 302 regular season games in Montreal the Rangers have won all of 64 games. I know number two son visits Montreal often to see the games. Why?


Blueshirts United:
Brad Richards originally came up with the idea of the Broadway Hat while the team was in Europe, and Tuesday night he earned the honor of wearing the chapeau for the first time this season after scoring the clutch game-winning goal with 4:55 to play in regulation. Following the game, Henrik Lundqvist said about Richards, "That's exactly why we signed him for nine years! Some guys during their career they'll be good here and there, but a guy like that has the tendency to always step up at the right time. It's not a coincidence."

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