Sunday, November 06, 2011

Le Non Habs

Watching the Canadiens from my rarefied view between the Mike Richter banner on the left and the Mark Messier on the right, it was hard to believe that these were the high flying, smooth skating Le Habs who had terrorized us so much in the past and were riding a four game winning streak. This had to be the worst skating Montreal team I have ever seen.

Aided and abetted by some atrocious penalty calling the Rangers jumped out to a three goal lead before the ghosts of Rocket Richard and Boom Boom Geoffrion had a chance to turn over in their graves. But remember, these are the Rangers and it was narrowed to 3-2 and had the many Canadien fans jumping before a strange turn of events buried the Canadiens and their ghosts.

A Canadien had hit the post and the Rangers came down and Brad Richards salted the game away by blistering one past Carey Price to give the Rangers an insurmountable 4-2 lead. Montreal would close it to 4-3 in the third, but Ryan Callahan's empty netter gave the Blueshirts their third straight victory and solidified coach disagreeable's position behind the bench.

From where I was sitting the crowd didn't sound very active or loud. In fact, their were times during the game when the skates on the ice were all you heard. The skates and the stupid Garden videos begging us to make noise. I thought I was back in Minnesota where they implored the crowd to clap, stomp and cheer. Even the Potvin s***s chant lacked conviction. The loudest chant was the USA chant. Are we at war with Canada?

The big event of Avery returning was a non-event. He got all of 4:46 of ice time and there was one shift when he got all of 23 seconds. Heck that is about the same amount of time that coach disagreeable spends in front of the blame stream media. The crowd chanted his name every time he hit the ice. They also chanted for Lundqvist. I didn't hear any chants for Christensen, Boyle, Anisimov or any other player. I didn't see the news conference, I had enough mediocrity for one night but I suppose he would blame the light ice time on the power plays.

That should pass for now but if it continues I submit that Avery be put back on waivers and given his release to hook up with another team. There is no need to embarrass a proud player that has an a-hole for a coach. This coach will look for any reason to give Sean limited ice time.


Once again Joseph Kaiser, of the Metropolitan Opera, who sang both the Canadian and USA National Anthems, did a fabulous and knocked them both out of the park effortlessly. Great job Joseph.


Blueshirts United: Michael Del Zotto logged over 27 minutes of ice-time Saturday, and scored his second goal of the season late in the opening period on a pretty backhand finish, earning the Broadway Hat after the Rangers 5-3 victory over the Canadiens at The Garden...

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