Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rangers Chomp on Canes 5-1

The faithful of the #AveryArmy were justly rewarded when our hero, the one, the only, Sean Avery, stormed the Carolina net in the first period in a virtuoso display of skating prowess and determination to score the Rangers first goal. It was the like the parting of the Red Sea by Moses. It was like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It was like Dorothy coming home to Kansas after melting the wicked witch. It was great.

At his post game press conference the prickly one, coach disagreeable, even sounded like a reasonable and thoughtful human being. Has the wicked witch been melted? Even the wicked witch could be gracious after the four goal third period. The goal scoring and shot taking in the third was like a feeding frenzy by the zombies, who have been locked in the basement. The zombies being all the other lines besides the Gaborik-Anisimov-Stepan, GAS line. They all smelled blood. 17 shots on goal by the Rangers in the third period is their season high.

Here is a summary of the third period outburst:

  • NYR 10:47 (PPG) - Dan Girardi (3) Snap - ASST: B. Richards (7) and R. McDonagh (4)
  • NYR 10:56 - Brandon Dubinsky (1) Snap - ASST: R. Callahan (2) and B. Boyle (2)
  • NYR 13:47 - Ryan Callahan (7) Backhand - ASST: M. Sauer (1) and B. Dubinsky (7)
  • NYR 18:26 - Brad Richards (5) Wrap-around - ASST: none

If Avery scoring was like Dorothy coming home, then Dubinsky getting his first goal of the season was like Toto coming out of Dorothy's basket with his tail wagging, a very happy boy. Dubi's goal and assist earned him the Broadway Hat. All is well in Rangerland at the moment.

Lundqvist was at his wizardly best. He stopped 34 of the 35 shots on goal. The win was Henrik's 4th in a row and the Rangers 6th in a row. When was the last time the Rangers won six in a row?

Carolina was in this game until the midway point of the third, then Eric Staal's high stick on Dan Girardi completely changed the tone. Has Staal been adversely affected by medical problems of his brother Marc? Canes fans are wondering when their $8M man will show up. The Canes 4th loss in a row sends them sinking towards the bottom of the Eastern Conference at 13th place. The Rangers (21 points) are now 4th, just technically behind division leaders Toronto (21 pts) and Washington (20 pts).

This is when the next game can't come soon enough.

Fans of the New York Rangers welcome Sean Avery #16 of the Rangers prior to the game against the Carolina Hurricanes at Madison Square Garden on November 11, 2011 in New York City.
Sean Avery of the New York Rangers holds off Jamie McBain #4 of the Carolina Hurricanes at Madison Square Garden

#AveryArmy can savor this headline:

NY Daily News:
Avery's goal sparks Rangers win over 'Canes

Sean Avery celebrates his first-period goal in the Rangers' 5-1 win over Carolina.

via Twitter:
It was top shelf cheddar baby! #averyarmy
Blueshirts United:
Friday night was finally the night for Brandon Dubinsky as the popular Ranger, who scored 24 goals a year ago, netted his first goal of 2011-12. And in the process Dubi was awarded the Broadway Hat for his two-point (1-1-2) performance. "It was a huge relief, obviously," Dubinsky said of finally scoring in the team's 15th game of the season. "The weight of the world comes off your shoulders."
Update: Andrew Gross writing for and The Record answers the questions I asked above, Rangers score four in third to blow away Hurricanes --
The Rangers (9-3-3), who next face the Islanders Tuesday at Nassau Coliseum, last won seven in a row from Oct. 3-17, 2009.

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  • iheartjacksparrow said...

    All the players that were on the ice when Aves scored really seemed happy for him. And then the camera cut to Torts, who seemed annoyed, probably thinking that he'd have to keep Sean on the ice for a few more games.

  • Jen9400 said...

    OMG wasn't that a fun game to watch last night? I am still in complete shock that Coach Idiot actually made decisions based on the good of the team rather than his bias. The melting of the wicked witch? That's classic stuff JB! I love it! That display by Avery is exactly what the Avery Army has been talking about. Avery is one player- not a savior- but one player who happens to have the unique ability to change games with his grit, determination, skating and skill. 10:05 of ice time- now that's more like it! He was clearly the best forward on the ice in the first other than the GAS line. It was amazing to see how Avery's play did just what we said it can do- spark the offense.
    So happy for Dubi. He's been playing well in the other areas of the game and to see him finally put one in the net was so exciting. Love him. He's a valuable guy and I still think he can be a guy who pushes 30 goals one day even though Mike doesn't agree. Can't win em all lol! I want to say that my sister Jeanine who commented here one time had the idea to put Brian Boyle on the line with Callahan and Dubi last season. She sees a lot of his potential and I fully respect her opinion because she is right more often then not so I am very excited to see what becomes of that trio which was put together in the third last night. As I said here the other day Boyle seems to have outgrown Prust and that line needed a change up. I am in total shock because that is probably the coaches favorite line of all time, so to see him face the fact that Prust was not playing well and drop one of his favorites to the 4th line to move up Avery made me start believing in the possibilities this team has moving forward. However I am going to proceed with caution because I don't know if this was actually the coach turning over a new leaf or a fluke. Only time will tell I guess.
    Now just the power play. It has sloooooooooooowly been starting to produce but it still needs to come together. I always say if I was a coach I would put my PP units on the ice, blind fold them and have them do passing drills. This would help them develop instincts so they don't have to think too much about where the other guys are on the ice. The key to a great PP is fast movement of the puck. Tape to tape passing. If the Rangers could do that... It would be amazing.

    BTW JB I agree about getting rid of the loser point. It certainly would open up the game.

  • jb said...

    Best game of the year for me. I came off the couch after Avery scored.

    With this winning streak I think Torts' position is cemented, and he'll be dug in lick a tick, because his system is "working". So we will be completely at his mercy this year. I'm guessing Avery will still be in and out of the dog house numerous times, but hopefully give us flashes. My dream is that he then gets to turn it on in the playoffs because he's well rested and other players are banged up.

    Boyle, needs help. He looks like "Franken-Boyle" out there. The off season power skating and other stuff seems to have worn off.

    Prust and Avery swapping roles would not upset me either. Give Prusty a chance to recharge his batteries.

    Any small improvement in the PP could really keep this team on the top of the charts.

  • jb said...

    Just saw this story:
    Prust is banged up. Confirmed by Torts. So as suspected.

  • Jen9400 said...

    Yeah I knew he was hurt. I love Prust, don't get me wrong, but even at healthy he still doesn't bring as many elements to the table as Avery. I agree that Sean will be in and out of the dog house but it would be nice if he can discover some of his "scoring touch" for lack of a better term while we have some injuries so it makes it impossible for coach to take him out of the line up. As for the winning streak, there is no doubt in my mind it has saved coaches job for now and we will see what happens during the course of the long season. Friday was the best game of the year for sure. It was most complete and most offensive with 5 goals and 40 shots. I also came off the couch when Avery scored and i cheered as if we won the Cup! It's just pathetic how desperate we all are to see our guy get a break. I just hope for the Rangers sake and Sean's of course that this is it. Fate brought him back (something none of us ever expected) for a reason and we just have to hang in there and see how this plays out. I believe that Sean is extremely strong minded (exactly why coach controller doesn't like him) and is determined to make the most out of his opportunities. One thing we can count on is it won't be dull!

  • Ranger Pundit said...

    iheartjacksparrow-Jack, or whatever it is they call you, you just moved to the head of the class. I was wondering if anyone but me saw that "look" on coach disagreeables face.

    Avery will have to be on boy scout behaviour for the rest of the year and make like Andy Bathgate the rest of the year.

    Its going to be a trying season rooting for our Blueshirts and seeing 'that face' every night.

  • blow-me-down said...

    It was funny seeing the look on Torts' face. He should have at least practiced looking happy, so when the inevitable goal by Sean occurred, he would be ready. LOL.

    Avery really looks like he has dropped any of the rust that he may have accumulated. He really turned on the jets for that goal, and then made a shot that lots of players cannot make from that close in. I have shoved that goal right back in the faces of those who have an agenda against Avery, an agenda which has nothing to do with the good of the team.

    Prust cannot continue to play the game like he did last year and expect to last. I don't believe that he has to, either. He has all the skills needed for a 4th line that keeps the opposition honest. Maybe my opinion originates from the fact that I am not really a big fan of fighting. I don't mean ban it, just that 80 to 90% of fights I see just seem anti-climactic. Prust should go easier on himself and pick his battles more wisely, and have a lot less of those fisticuff battles than last year. I like what he brings to the team when he is healthy, you know, short-handed goals and inspiring play.