Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rangers Lose Lackluster 1-0 Game to Stars

The Rangers had a no offense, no goals, no highlights, no hats, and no hat tricks kind of night. So it is no surprise that they lost a thoroughly lackluster game to the Dallas Stars, 1-0. The best thing you could say is that Lundqvist and the defense looked good, minus the one defense lapse by Jeff Woywitka. Woywitka sent a softee into the neutral zone that Brendan Morrow scooped up, and passed to Mike Ribeiro, who set-up defenseman Trevor Daley, for the game winner. That is it, one mistake late in the 3rd period, and the Rangers go home with a loss.

The Dallas rookie goaltender, Richard Bachman, played a strong game and fully earned his second NHL win and first career shutout in just his third NHL game. The Rangers themselves have earned enough positive equity to get a pass on this little stink bomb.

Fortunately, there is not much more to say. If you hang around coach disagreeable long enough you eventually learn how to make a disagreeable sound and walk away after a poor performance.

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  • Section 335 said...

    The loss does not upset me at all. I am not expecting the President's Trophy. I like what I see on the ice, with the pieces we have. And, we must not forget ...

    The team on the ice is not the team that will be in the playoffs. If this team can keep performing at a pace to finish in the top five, Sather will make a trade.

    On defense, the team in the playoffs with have Sauer, Stahl and Erixson. The defense is set.

    On offense, we are not scoring from the left side. Dubi might step up, but if he does not he is gone. Dubi, Valentenko and a high draft pick for Rene Bourque is one possible scenario.

  • jb said...

    Sec 335,
    Totally agree that this was not a loss to get too riled up about.

    Dubi is totally snake bit. Hard to believe, but he was the top point scorer on the team into February of last season. Then the Wall Street Journal put a hex on him and he's gone stone cold since then. He has put himself on the trading block.

    Boyle has also disappeared, he's become a midget. Zuccy has more of a presence.