Friday, January 06, 2012

Gabby Lights Up Bubba

Marian Gaborik had just scored the game winning goal, his 23rd so it was no big deal as the sniper has lit the lamp 329 times in his NHL career. However, tell me how many goal scorers have lit up an ex-President? You saw it in living color, an exuberant Gabby and an equally excited Bubba. Bill Clinton hasn't been this happy or excited since his White House days, or was it nights?

The Rangers continue to roll, amazing us fans and probably themselves. They have won eight of nine, and are 25-9-4 and sit 4 points over the Flyers for first place in the Atlantic Division. Would you believe that the Rangers are the top team in the NHL with 54 points, one point ahead of the steamrollers from Boston? Only an epic collapse could stop this team from having a truly successful season.

Another key player who should not be overlooked is Marty Biron. Yes, he gave up a soft goal to Santorelli, which led to a camera shot of coach disagreeable in a contorted facial expression, but overall he was solid, with 19 saves. He improved his record to 8-2, a GAA of 2.06 and a save % of .921. Not bad for a backup.

Another big one tonight against the Penguins, but the Rangers have risen to meet every challenge and whatever the results tonight the team seems to be heading in the right direction and barring some unforeseen injury should finish among the top teams. Looking forward to the first encounter against the big bad Bruins. Notice that three of the division leaders are original six teams.

The Scoring Summary:

G Per Time Str Team Goal Scorer Assist Assist
1 1 04:16 EV FLA M.Goc(3) Samuelsson(6) Bradley(4)
2 1 17:44 EV NYR Stralman(1) Fedotenko(7)
3 3 04:24 PP NYR Callahan(14) Richards(16) Girardi(11)
4 3 05:00 EV FLA Santorelli(5) Campbell(29) Samuelsson(7)
5 OT 03:29 EV NYR Gaborik(23) Stephan(18) Del Zotto(18)


I erred last time in talking about my little friend Jake Feldman. His bone marrow transplant is scheduled for January 24th. So please if you get a chance say a prayer for Jake and hope that this procedure gives him a chance at a normal life.
The Straw Hat:

Anton Stralman wears the Broadway Hat after scoring his first goal as a New York Ranger

I'm truly amazed that my good friend and wonderful blogger, the Hockey Rodent, has started a fund to pay coach disagreeable's fine. The man has slandered the integrity of the refs, the NHL and a broadcasting network, NBC, and is lucky he wasn't suspended. It isn't the first time. It's the third time he has been slapped for inappropiate comments.

Sean Avery made a foolish comment about one of his girlfriends and the political correctness police jumped for his throat. One of his biggest critics was said coach disagreeable, who claimed that Avery didn't belong in the NHL. Well, mission accomplished, he doesn't.

So now we have this arrogant, egomanical coach who decides how long press conferences run. Who decides what is discussed and has the press acting like puppy dogs at his feet. I've seen many a hockey game in my lifetime. Perhaps too many. I have seen some of the most atrocious calls made. I have never believed that the refs were biased one way or another though I do admit that at times Kerry Fraser tried my patience. Are some incompetent? Yes. Crooked? I doubt it. So my good friend Rodent, no money from this guy, my family's too big. I'll still read you and enjoy your articles, but on this issue we part ways.

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  • Section 335 said...


    My family spent one New Year's Eve with Kerry Fraser and his family, and I must say I agree with you about his honesty. However, it was obvious that he had his "book" on every team and every player - and his instinct was influenced by his "book." That is, of course, human nature.

    The last sequence in the Winter Classic went beyond the "book." The call against Callahan was a blatant attempt to give the Flyers one more chance. And, I, for one, applaud the coach for calling it as he saw it. So, I gave my $2.

  • jb said...

    I agree with you about not giving any money, even if it's a symbolic $2, to the Torts fund.

    The man hasn't earned any good will from me.

    I think many Rangers fans think the Refs had tilted the ice in favor of the Flyers. I believe that the number of terrible calls late in the game is very suspicious, as Sec 335's article points out. If you paid the Refs to help the Flyers to make the game close and exciting, they could not have done a better job.

    The Rodent's message board is filled with people saying they gave $2.

    Puck Daddy even gave his Torts fund a mention.

    So you might be in the minority on this one, but I think it's great that you stick to your beliefs and call them like you see them. That's the job description for a Pundit, not putting your finger out and seeing which way the wind is blowing.

  • Anonymous said...

    Love your website Pundit but I think your missing the Rodents point on this one and I ponied up my $2 bucks to the fund. Torts said exactly what we all thought at the conclusion of that game. Those calls were disgusting.

  • mike said...

    Section 335-Better to have given your $2 to a Children Cancer Fund than to an egotistical blowhard.

  • mike said...

    Anonymous-Your choice, your two bucks. So the calls were disgusting. So whats new? Remember. Disgusting not crooked. Disagreeable is playing to the crowd and now he is a hero.

  • Section 335 said...

    One other point as to the game. Staal played the two on one very poorly - he looked like I would. He did not take out either shooter, or the pass. Very rusty.

    He really should have been sent down for a few games.

  • Section 335 said...

    ah, and that was the first goal