Thursday, January 12, 2012

GM Talk

Since we have no clue what the Rangers' Stealth GM, Glen Sather, does we have to go elsewhere to look behind the curtain and see what NHL GM's really do.

Toronto Maple Leafs GM, Brian Burke, was interviewed by Sophia Jurksztowicz, of and during their conversation he provides a fascinating look at the life of an NHL GM.

The topics they discuss include the barn fight in Lake Placid that he was going to have with with then-Oilers GM Kevin Lowe. They also talk about officiating, trades, ice time for players, off-ice activities, his son, and his take on gay rights and homophobic slurs in hockey.

Burke is a strong supporter of gay rights and he attended the 2009 Toronto Gay Pride Parade with his son Brendan Burke, who was gay. On February 5, 2010, Brendan died, at age 21, from injuries suffered in a car accident in Indiana. Brian Burke also participated in the 2010 and 2011 Toronto Gay Pride Parades.

By the way, Glen Sather gets mentioned a couple of times during the conversation.


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