Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Henrik The Great!

It's hard for the Rangers to get press in New York what with all that Linsanity that is going on with the other team that plays in MSG. In fact, the New York Post has superman on both the front page and the back page of its paper this morning. But it is truly deserving. Lin has energized the Knick fans and in fact has energized pro basketball.

However, the Rangers have their own super star. Henrik Lundqvist right now sits on top of the hockey world. His stats are amazing. Last night he stoned the Bruins with 42 saves in recording his 7th shutout of the season in a 3-0 win that put the Bruins nine points behind the Rangers for first place in the Eastern Conference. Lundqvist leads all goalies in shutouts (7), save % (.941), is second in GAA (1.77) and fourth in wins, (27). The analysts on NHL Network have already proclaimed him the winner of the Vezina Trophy.

However, NHL Network's biggest news last night was the fact that the Red Wings won their 21st consecutive home game. The Red Wings are leading the NHL in total points. They have 80 points to the Rangers 79. So we are heading on a collision course for a rematch for the Stanley Cup for the two original six teams. Rematch? Yes. Rematch from the infamous 1950 Cup Finals when the Red Wings beat us 4 games to 3. I, 'er we, have to avenge that and the only way to do it is to win the seventh game at Joe Louis arena. I'll even take coach disagreeable skating around with the Cup.

The Bruins poured 79 shots at Lundqvist, 42 on net. The Rangers had one power play and they scored on it. Callahan got it. McDonagh and Anisimov scored the other two goals. If the Rangers keep it up maybe they yet may make the back page of the NY Post. Just maybe. Just keep linning guys, just keep linning!



Looking closely at the sheet music in the YouTube video from the 1992 pre-game show indicates that the lyrics on the Rangers' website are the correct ones. John Amirante definitely sang the third line of the Rangers' Victory Song incorrectly. He sang, "It's plain as they could be," instead of the correct, "It's plain as day to see." I think we need a do over.

The Rangers' Victory Song --
The "Rangers Victory Song" was written in 1940 by J. Fred Coots in tribute to the team that finished the 1939-40 season as Stanley Cup champions. He officially dedicated the song to "Lester Patrick and the New York Rangers."

Listen to the cheering of the people in the stands
Twenty Thousand hockey bugs and each a Ranger fan!
It's plain as day to see*
They want a victory!
All together now strike up the band!

Just keep your stick on that puck
And don't lay down on your luck;
That's the Rangers' Victory Song!
Get through the enemy's goal
With all your heart and your soul;
That's the Rangers' Victory Song!

You've got to fight, Rangers fight
With a grin on your chin!
Tonight is the night
So get in there and win!

This game is worth any price;
Go out and put it on ice
That's the Rangers' Victory Song!
* note: I noticed that the 3rd line of the song on the Rangers' website is different from the one John Amirante sings. Amirante sings: "It's plain as they could be," instead of "It's plain as day to see." Did Amirante make a mistake? The written lyrics sound more appropriate.

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  • jb said...

    I can't imagine there's been a better time to be a NY Sports fan than the last couple of weeks. Giants win Super Bowl, Lin ignites Knicks, Lundqvist locks Rangers into the top stop in the East. How will this dream end?

  • jb said...

    Also, it's kind of surprising that the Great John Amirante would flub the lyrics of the "Rangers Victory Song". Ironic that a man who has sung the National Anthem 1000's of times flawlessly would mess up some lyrics to an old Rangers diddy. The Rangers will do that do you.

  • Section 335 said...


    The best time was when the Mets won the World Series, the Jets the SuperBowl and the Knick the NBA Championship - and that was 1969-70 Season.

    A three peat of Giants, Rangers and Yankees in 2012 would be sweet.


    I actually think you are liking this team :)

  • jb said...

    Sec 335, You're right how could I have forgotten those glory days from 1969-70?

    And I think Mike is warming to this team, because revenge (against Detroit for that 1950 Cup loss) is best served cold, on ice.

  • mike said...

    Section 335-I never cool on the Rangers or their players. The coaches, I could live without.

    Its strange how things stay with you. I still 'hear' the clang of the crossbar on WHN and the ensuing goal that killed us. It must be avenged.