Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Penned Out

The Rangers played their third poor game in a row and maybe it's time for the flags to go up. It's definitely time to revisit acquiring Rick Nash. The offense is awful. There is no sustained attack and the power play which had shown some life is now 0-12 after going 0-3 last night. The Rangers have scored five goals in the last three games. They mustered 27 shots on goal against Marc-Andre Fleury, who with the shutout tied all time great Pens goalie Tom Barasso for the most franchise shutouts, twenty-two.

After the game the big topic of discussion was the big giveaway by Michael Del Zotto, which was duly expounded on by coach disagreeable. Yes, it lead to the first goal by Evgeni Malkin, but the Rangers never scored and Fleury didn't have to make any big saves. The shots were all pedestrian, nothings, nada, zilch. You get the point. But this is what you get with a philosophy that says play for the shootout and Lundqvist will get the W. What happens in the playoffs coach?

So now the Rangers are seven points ahead of the hard charging Devils. A trap game against the Islanders is on deck on the Island Friday. Then it's Buffalo at home Saturday night and the Devils at MSG on Monday. Monday is also the trade deadline. Nash would sure look good right now and Nash for Dubinsky and Del Zotto looks reasonable. Also, Sean Avery back in the lineup against the Islanders and especially the Devils would look awfully good to put some life into this lifeless team.

The pressure is starting to build, especially on Lundqvist. He has been wonderful all year. Can he hold up? Can the defense hold up? Can Girardi and McDonagh keep pushing the 30 minute ice time without their game suffering? We have a one dimensional coach, defense. He has no clue how the offense works and his style of play, block shots at all costs, while effective at times, takes great risks for the players. The next five days should be interesting.

Go get Nash or stand pat? Bring up Avery or trade him?

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  • jb said...

    I think Pittsburgh is a team that just has the Rangers number this year. I do not want to see them in the playoffs.

    Any offense the Rangers get recently has come from the defense. If Girardi, Del Zotto, and especially McDonagh are not contributing in the offensive end then the Rangers will not score. The forwards can not sustain the offense on their own.

    Richards on the power play is starting to look like a liability.

    It's strange being in 1st place, yet seeing how many holes this team has. They've overachieved in the character and grit department, but that will be good for just a cup of coffee in the playoffs.

  • Section 335 said...


  • Section 335 said...


    We agree again. This was exactly the type of game that we might have won had Sean been playing.

    Yes, I would give Dubi, Del Z for Nash. And, I would give another prospect who is not in our top five and a second and a third round pick.

    Lack of scoring on the left wing is killing us.

  • Andy said...

    Great piece!! WE NEED AVERY. Or at the very least, set him free!

    As you've said many times, coach moron has no idea what is happening offensively and he needs to swallow that big ol' pride of his and get a coach in there to help on the PP and the offense in general.

    I completely agree on the issue of blocking shots. It's great; most of the time. But when we lose someone (like callahan right before the playoffs last year) it's a huge blow. Hank is good. Real good. Let him stop a few more.

    How's that Mike Rupp signing working out coach? Can't skate, can't pass, can't shoot and apprentely can't win fights anymore. That's what you get for playing favorites: 4 goals, an assist and poorly timed fights in 36 games played. Waste.

  • mike said...

    jb-Good point on how the defense is actually making the offense click.

  • mike said...

    Section 335-You seem to be giving away a lot more than I would. With those prospects maybe we can get a good D-man back.

  • mike said...

    Andy-The blame stream media don't help with the meatball questions they ask the coach.

    I guess Rupp is part of that package that our President was talking about. Hope and change.

    Its more like hopeless and nothing new with Rupp.

  • Andy said...

    Mike-Absolutely agreed.

    Sad part is if someone actually said "hey John, have you considered some coaching options to help with PP and offense?" they would receive the death stare and and probably lose their job.
    Then, to borrow your term, he'd pick up his marbles and go home. Brutal.

    Also just wanted to note I am so very grateful for finding the ranger pundit blog before this season.

    God bless all the intelligent and informing work you guys do, and god bless you for standing up for Sean Avery. The nicest, smartest, most underrated hockey player today. It's good that he has people like you on his side, telling it the way it is.

  • Section 335 said...


    We lack scoring. We are not going to get that scoring from Dubbi, Boyle and Rupp.

    One route is to get a stud. In my view, a former number one pick in the draft, who is a five time all-star, is a stud, and worth a low #1 (Del Z was 20th), two #2s (Dubbi and one) and a #3.

    They are rare and worth the price. After all, Gabby is the only 35 goal, 35 assist player on the team. Pittsburgh has Malkin, Neal and Staal. We cannot beat them in a seven game series as we stand now.

    The other route is even scoring. Detroit has ten players now with 10 goals or more. We have five. That is not happening so fast.

    So yes, if Nashville is crazy enough, I pull the trigger.

  • jb said...

    I read this morning that the "NY Rangers must create more traffic" in front of the net. That is exactly one of the things that Sean Avery brings.

  • Andy said...

    jb- So true...I also read this morning that san jose, pittsburgh and calgary are interested in Avery. Apparently a sharks "star" player requested for Avery. I (we) can only hope something works out for him