Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Devils Rock Rangers

To say that the final result last night, Devils 4, Rangers 1, was kind of shocking, is an understatement in the least. After all coming in the Rangers were on a 15-5-3 ride and the Devils were on a 1-4-1 slide. So the Devils totally destroyed our heroes last night and to add insult to injury Marty outplayed Henrik. Of course Marty had a lot of help and most of it was from the Rangers.

It took just 49 seconds for Kovalchuk to give the Devils the lead as Gaborik, Stepan and McDonagh made like the three stooges. A few minutes later a fight broke out between Dubinsky and Carter upon which Dubinsky hurt his hand and it's not sure how long he will be held out. And so it went all night. Lundqvist was usually hung out to dry by his team and while he gave up three goals he did make 25 saves which was matched by Marty.

The last few games has seen a big difference in the Rangers performance. They are tired and seemed to be a step behind the Devils last night. This has been their style the last few games. The grinding, forechecking and blocking shots are now beginning to take its toll.

The coach gave his usual 'screw you' press conference after the game and abruptly left after answering three questions, if you call them answers. It should be a delightful finish to what seemed like a promising season.

ICINGS: Word is out that Sean Avery was left off the Hartford playoff roster. They don't want him. They wouldn't put him on waivers and they won't trade him. Hmm!!!

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  • Andy said...

    Sad. Really, really sad on the part of the rangers organization.

    Does Sather honestly think that he has defeated Avery in this battle? "You won't play in Hartford so I won't set you free! Yeah, yeah that'll get him!!"

    The whole world knows that from July 2011 on torts and sather were not going to let Avery be apart of the team. It didn't matter what he did. Play good in the AHL? Play great during your call-up? Who cares? Not the bosses, that's for sure. Avery played the good boy role for these two clowns long enough, so he finally told em to fuck off. Who wouldn't?

    Sean played torts and sather's game, but they didn't return the favor. It will be their shame to bare someday soon, I guarantee it.

    I'm honestly not sure what is more comical and embarrassing as a rangers fan: The handling of Avery, our fourth line, or torts' post game marble pick-up's.

    Too many dark splotches on what should have been an amazingly positive year in my opinion.

    Lastly, does anyone see the irony of torts sticking Dubi on the reject line with rupp and scott? You do that, then dubi gets hurt in a scrap that his big bad line mates are SUPPOSED to be in when we're down 1-0. Rupp and Scott. Just makes me laugh typing it. USELESS

  • jb said...

    It is ironic, Dubi, really a non-fighter getting his hand or his nose, or both hurt, while Rupp and Scott, just do some jawing.

    Going with Scott over Avery, I don't get it.